How to stop Putin: an asymmetric attack on Russian gas pipelines by virtual terrorists

First published 30.03.2014, 03.07.2014.

Phillip K. Dick’s «The Man in the High Castle», 2015: Totalitarianism has won. Only the branding is different.

Phillip K. Dick’s «The Man in the High Castle» depicts an alternative reality in which the Nazis won WW2. It is ironic that people of the world live today in repressive totalitarian regimes,… Continue reading

IMF in Ukraine: The Chain Saw Massacre of the Productive Class

At the end of 2013, Ukrainian Productive Class, i.e. people with savings and companies, had about 608 billion in Ukrainian currency Hryvna(76 billion USD). IMF and marauding idiots in the Ukrainian government and… Continue reading

“Universal Suffrage OS” is irreparably hacked

Charlie Hebdonimous: The War Against the Immoral Cast Will Be Long

The Nature of Putin’s regime: a suicidal cult

The Nature of Putin’s regime: a suicidal cult

Turchinov – Ukrainian war time saboteur bureaucrat

Obama Memoirs: How we scanned everybody but missed the start of World War 3