Google displays the organigram of the Global Propaganda Ministry as search results for “Trump at national convention”

The “New World Order” is also known as the “Globalism”. The organization behind it is often called the “Globalists”. My definition of this organization is “The Covert Global Fascist State”. “The Covert Global Fascist State”… Continue reading

Hilary: “Make Eurasia Great Again!”

Survival Rule:The essence of the US elections: “Make America great again!” vs “Make an Orwellian Russia-Eurasia great again!”

The US: an “Empire” or a “Colony”?

The US: an “Empire” or  a “Colony”? Sad: Catherine Austin Fitts is an ideologist caliber thinker. But she is incapable to recognise a propaganda troll on subject of Russia>2 — New Neandertalien EN… Continue reading

“The Washington Post” should be called “The Pravda of the CIA”.

“THE WASHINGTON POST” SHOULD BE CALLED “THE PRAVDA OF THE CIA”. The “CIA” and the “US State Department” are malign bureaucratic factions used as instruments of the covert occupation of the USA. Their goal is to create an Orwellian Russia-Eurasia with a lobotomized remotely controlled patsy Putin at the head.

The disinformation published by “The Pravda of the CIA” is re-injected worldwide through a propaganda network that the CIA and US State Department control.
This is an example with a disinformation about Trump, published in the “The Pravda of the CIA” and re-injected in Ukraine.

“The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism” or “The Operation Manual of The Covert Sect That Rules The World”

In his book “1984”, George Orwell transmitted to us “The Operation Manual” used by the Covert Sect that rules the world. In the “1984”, it is a book “within a book” and is called “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism”. But it is in reality a transcription of a real “manual”, a transcription of an existing secretive ideology.

A lot of the events that we are currently witnessing are described and explained in the “Goldstein’s book”. The true name of this book is “The Operation Manual of The Covert Sect That Rules The World”.

The former NATO Commander Breedlove wanted to arm Ukraine. Sabotaged by “Obama The Patsy”.

Obama’s administration sabotages the US Military. General Breedlove, Europe Supreme Command of NATO, in 2015: “Russia sent to Donbass, a center of the conflict, ”well over a thousand combat vehicles, Russian combat forces, some of the most sophisticated air defense, battalions of artillery”.
General Breedlove to Congress earlier in February 2016: “Russia is a long-term existential threat to the United States and to our European allies”.

Dumb alternative media duped into worshiping of a “Manchurian Candidate” Putin

In the episode 832 of the No Agenda Show, the hosts John C Dvorak and Adam Curry present their view of the hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine. A view which is typical for… Continue reading

Quigley’s “Tragedy & Hope” and “Putin The Savior”.

This time, for their next genocidal world war, the Globalists want to have totally controlled leader-patsies at the head of all the countries .

Ukraine: the current president and the prime-minister ARE JEWS. Still, “Rothschilds’ Pravdas” insist: “Ukrainians are Nazis”.

It is degrading when someone spends months and even years on a subject, but still is incapable to build any understanding. That “someone” refers to 99% of the “alternative media” and “subject” refers… Continue reading

Euthanasia is the latest fetish of the Covert Global Fascist State

Psychopaths from the Global Propaganda Ministry tell us: “Euthanasia is coming and NOT ONLY for the old”