Alex Jones is a spectacular “double-thinker”: he both fights the Globalists and accepts money from them for injecting their disinformation.

Deconstruction: the goal of this disinformation injection by Alex Jones about a tactical nuke threat during Trump’s inauguration is to scare Trump supporters from showing up in Washington DC for Trump’s inauguration. Alex Jones is a spectacular “double-thinker”, – he both fights and takes money from Globalists and injects their disinformation.


The “Jewdeo-Gypsy” Jill Stein, head of the “Green Party”, confirms my thesis that she is a shill. In a spectacular manner.

Jill Stein= a typical shill profile (Globalists like to recruit Jews as figureheads)…


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     ? Final #Election2016 numbers #PopularVote: #Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750 #ElectoralCollege vote #Trump 306 #Clinton 232  Update: Anyone asking where I got the figures, it was from twitter…

How the stupid and immoral populace, “the proles”, betray their Motherland. The example of the occupied Crimea in Ukraine.

Orwellian Proles, who form up to 90% of the population in any country, are idiots and many of them are psychopaths. In 2014, 98% of Crimean populace queued up to take passports of the occupant, just as their compatriots were robbed, tortured and killed a hundred kilometers away.

A US intelligence commander: “The U.S. had urged Ukraine not to resist the Russian takeover of Crimea, though Ukraine had adequate forces to do so”.

George Woloshyn, a former naval intelligence commander: “U.S. had urged Ukraine not to resist the Russian takeover of Crimea, though Ukraine had adequate forces on the ground with which to do so”.
The correct statement should sound as follows: “The US State Department urged Ukraine not to resist the Russian takeover of Crimea”. The US State Department is a saboteur anti-American faction of the US bureaucracy. The goal of surrendering Crimea was to trap the Russian state in a war logic. It was a major step in the preparation of the coming genocidal world war.

Russia: an on-going slow putsch of the “merger with the West” faction against Putin, a mole of the “Globalists”.

August 20, 2016. An introduction by The New Neandertalien. Anders Aslund spends most of his time as a banal propaganda troll pushing the agenda of the criminal organisation called the International Monetary Fund… Continue reading

Putin is a mole of the “Globalists”. The powerful Kremlin’s “FSB faction” finally identified him and fights back.

Putin is a mole of the Covert Global Fascist State. The powerful Kremlin’s “FSB faction” finally identified him and fights back.

The US Ideologist Joel Skousen: What will happen if Hilary gets elected vs What will happen if Trump gets elected

The US Ideologist Joel Skousen: What will happen if Hilary gets elected vs What will happen if Trump gets elected.

Bureaucracy is ALWAYS collaborators. They brought another Nazism on us: EuthaNazism (Euthanasia+Nazism).

French collaborator Bureaucracy engaged in a degrading show in the occupied Crimea. Permanent bureaucracy ALWAYS becomes psychopathic. To improve society, we need to liquidate Permanent Psychopathic Bureaucracy.

Google displays the organigram of the Global Propaganda Ministry as search results for “Trump at national convention”

​ The “New World Order” is also known as the “Globalism”. The organization behind it is often called the “Globalists”. My definition of this organization is “The Covert Global Fascist State”. “The Covert Global Fascist… Continue reading

Hilary: “Make Eurasia Great Again!”

Survival Rule:The essence of the US elections: “Make America great again!” vs “Make an Orwellian Russia-Eurasia great again!”

The US: an “Empire” or a “Colony”?

The US: an “Empire” or  a “Colony”? Sad: Catherine Austin Fitts is an ideologist caliber thinker. But she is incapable to recognise a propaganda troll on subject of Russia>2 — New Neandertalien EN… Continue reading

“The Washington Post” should be called “The Pravda of the CIA”.

“THE WASHINGTON POST” SHOULD BE CALLED “THE PRAVDA OF THE CIA”. The “CIA” and the “US State Department” are malign bureaucratic factions used as instruments of the covert occupation of the USA. Their goal is to create an Orwellian Russia-Eurasia with a lobotomized remotely controlled patsy Putin at the head.

The disinformation published by “The Pravda of the CIA” is re-injected worldwide through a propaganda network that the CIA and US State Department control.
This is an example with a disinformation about Trump, published in the “The Pravda of the CIA” and re-injected in Ukraine.

“The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism” or “The Operation Manual of The Covert Sect That Rules The World”

In his book “1984”, George Orwell transmitted to us “The Operation Manual” used by the Covert Sect that rules the world. In the “1984”, it is a book “within a book” and is called “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism”. But it is in reality a transcription of a real “manual”, a transcription of an existing secretive ideology.

A lot of the events that we are currently witnessing are described and explained in the “Goldstein’s book”. The true name of this book is “The Operation Manual of The Covert Sect That Rules The World”.

The former NATO Commander Breedlove wanted to arm Ukraine. Sabotaged by “Obama The Patsy”.

Obama’s administration sabotages the US Military. General Breedlove, Europe Supreme Command of NATO, in 2015: “Russia sent to Donbass, a center of the conflict, ”well over a thousand combat vehicles, Russian combat forces, some of the most sophisticated air defense, battalions of artillery”.
General Breedlove to Congress earlier in February 2016: “Russia is a long-term existential threat to the United States and to our European allies”.

Dumb alternative media duped into worshiping of a “Manchurian Candidate” Putin

In the episode 832 of the No Agenda Show, the hosts John C Dvorak and Adam Curry present their view of the hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine. A view which is typical for… Continue reading

Quigley’s “Tragedy & Hope” and “Putin The Savior”.

This time, for their next genocidal world war, the Globalists want to have totally controlled leader-patsies at the head of all the countries .

Ukraine: the current president and the prime-minister ARE JEWS. Still, “Rothschilds’ Pravdas” insist: “Ukrainians are Nazis”.

It is degrading when someone spends months and even years on a subject, but still is incapable to build any understanding. That “someone” refers to 99% of the “alternative media” and “subject” refers… Continue reading

Euthanasia is the latest fetish of the Covert Global Fascist State

Psychopaths from the Global Propaganda Ministry tell us: “Euthanasia is coming and NOT ONLY for the old”

“If there is PERIL for our civilization, it lies in the PROLES.” A George Orwell update.

It is not hope, but PERIL for our civilization, that lies in the proles.
Rephrasing George Orwell: “If there is PERIL for our civilization, it lies in the PROLES.” Only 17% of all voters in London voted AGAINST a pseudo-muslim PR-actor Khan, who symbolizes brainwashing and oppression of the populace.

Heavy propagandist brainwashing on The Joe Rogan’s podcast

ALERT: heavy propagandist brainwashing in The Joe Rogan’s podcast.the topics are not random but are a list of propagandist “talking points”.

Hybrid war in East Ukraine: “hybrid” means “sabotage of your own army”

The occupied by Russia enclave can be paralyzed after a week of systematic use of Ukrainian artillery. But there is a SABOTAGE of Ukrainian army by its own generals, officers and bureaucracy.
Indeed, Ukraine is controlled by a Regime of Internal Occupation. All the bureaucratic machine is subdued and participates in a massive sabotage. Notably, the saboteurs are: the president of Ukraine Poroshenko, who is a confused idiot and a puppet of the “External Rule”, a war criminal guilty of crimes against own army and population; the Chief of Staff general Muzhenko; the majority of “yes-men” officers who execute criminal orders NOT to use artillery and other effective means to destroy the enemy.

A New Maidan in Ukraine: Demands of “The Revolutionary Right Forces” as of 21.02.2016, the full text.

The ”Revolutionary Right Forces” Press Conference 21.02.2016 Demands read by by Mr. Karmazin, former People’s Deputy of Ukrainian parliament “Rada” (elected 4 times, Head of Judicial Committee, the most active and productive deputy): Actions plan… Continue reading

“Secure connection”, “httpS”, could be used as way of censorship

In recent episodes of No Agenda Show, Adam Curry proposed a thesis that “httpS”, a “secure connection”, could be used as means of censorship (Shows 795, 796. You can listen directly by clicking on… Continue reading

Gold will be confiscated

I came across a very articulate article on the crime syndicate “the One Bank” – “The Catastrophic Threat of Bail-Ins” by Jeff Nielson. Below is what I liked. My comment is at the end. the Cyprus… Continue reading

Smoking is the new homosexuality.

Smoking is the new homosexualism. Judging by a massive “coming out” in Hollywood films, it is. — TheNew Neandertalien (@N_Neandertalien) September 26, 2015   One of the definitions of fascism is that… Continue reading

Netflix’s “Narcos”: Does The Propagandist Cabal prepare you for a nuclear war?

There are a lot of usual propaganda injections in Netflix’s “Narcos” TV show. For example, this: Netflix “Narcos”: Smuggling propaganda into your brain. The Propagandist Cabal brainwashes you to believe Nazis exist… Continue reading

“Globalists” subdued Western Bureaucracy and run a sadistic population replacement program in Europe.

April 2016 update: the initial title of this article from August 2015 was “Western Bureaucracy runs a sadistic population replacement program in Europe.” Since then, it is become clear that the role of… Continue reading

US State Department: “Each Ukrainian will have beautiful GLASS BEADS, and LNG-gas, if Ukrainians accept splitting their country into bantustans Lu-condomia, Little-Russia, Novo-Russia, Odessia, Crimean-mulsim-tartaria, China-Kyiv”

US State Department: “Each Ukrainian will have beautiful GLASS BEADS, and LNG-gas, if they accept splitting Ukraine into bantustans Lu-condomia, Little-Russia, Novo-Russia, Odessia, Crimean-mulsim-tartaria, China-Kyiv”. US State Department, «The Lobotomized Power» is a… Continue reading

How to stop Putin: an asymmetric attack on Russian gas pipelines by virtual terrorists

First published 30.03.2014, 03.07.2014.

Phillip K. Dick’s «The Man in the High Castle», 2015: Totalitarianism has won. Only the branding is different.

Phillip K. Dick’s «The Man in the High Castle» depicts an alternative reality in which the Nazis won WW2. It is ironic that people of the world live today in repressive totalitarian regimes,… Continue reading

IMF in Ukraine: The Chain Saw Massacre of the Productive Class

At the end of 2013, Ukrainian Productive Class, i.e. people with savings and companies, had about 608 billion in Ukrainian currency Hryvna(76 billion USD). IMF and marauding idiots in the Ukrainian government and… Continue reading

“Universal Suffrage OS” is irreparably hacked

Charlie Hebdonimous: The War Against the Immoral Cast Will Be Long

The Nature of Putin’s regime: a Hybrid Occupation by the British Satanist Midget.

The original title of this article, as published on March 30, 2014, was “The Nature of Putin’s regime a suicidal cult.” However, since then, it has become clear that the nature of Putin’s regime is different. It is a hybrid occupation.

Turchinov – Ukrainian war time saboteur bureaucrat

Obama Memoirs: How we scanned everybody but missed the start of World War 3