“Alternative media”: John C. Dvorak, a collaborator of the Propaganda Ministry, is himself “deplatformed” for criticizing 5G.

John C. Dvorak is one of the psychological profiles described in “1984”. Dvorak, as the majority of the stupid populace, chooses not to wake up to a Suicidal-Genocidal Cult reality in which our civilization has transformed. Moreover, Dvorak, as the majority of the population, is an active collaborator of the genocidal system we live in. Indeed, Dvorak is a host of a podcast “No Agenda Show”, where he and his co-host Adam Curry regularly feed disinformation to their trusting dumb audience. Dvorak’s co-host Adam Curry is a true propaganda whore. Adam Curry is paid to inject pieces of disinformation. In this way, Curry and possibly Dvorak, supplement their main revenue which is the donations of “No Agenda Show” listeners. One of the recent injections of disinformation on “No Agenda Show” was a claim by Curry that glyphosate concentrations allowed in the US are safe. And that the grassroots organizations that fight to ban glyphosate are funded by the “organic food industry”.
Dvorak is a typical double-thinker as described by George Orwell. Dvorak defaults to thinking in a way which preserves his inner comfort and is in conformity with what the imaginary authorities, “The Party”, should approve.
However, Dvorak himself got harshly victimized by “the system” for his mildly critical article about 5G in “PC Magazine”. Dvorak was “deplatformed” from his job as a writer at “PC Magazine” and from Medium publishing platform by Automatic. The latter deplatforming is by the way troubling. Indeed, Medium is a creation of Matt Mullenweg, who also created WordPress. Matt Mullenweg used to state publicly his strong commitment to Free Speech. If Mullenweg is now also engaged in deplatforming of Free Speech, then we have another publishing space which is lost, and another tech entrepreneur who turned into a criminal collaborator of “The Party”.
In regard to Dvorak, after his deplatforming, Dvorak decided to be a rebel. But this will not last for very long. The Global Propaganda Ministry recently delivered a bribe to Dvorak in the form of participation in the “This Week in Tech” show by Leo Laporte. Leo Laporte is horrible, totally corrupt propaganda whore for The Propaganda Ministry. But Laporte’s show, one of the earlier tech podcasts, still has a large audience. Several years ago, Dvorak, a regular guest on “This Week in Tech” was banned from the show for being too critical of gadget worshiping and too critical in general. It looks like a recent invitation was to bribe Dvorak and to stop Dvorak’s “rebellion” over 5G. This will certainly work. Dvorak will shut up about 5G. And as the majority of the stupid population, Dvorak will be sitting in his hole, collaborating with “The Party”, putting, lying to himself, and hoping that the coming genocide will not touch him. But it will.
Survival Rule: Orwellian “1984” is here, we live in a version of it. “1984” is around us mainly because the psychological profiles described by George Orwell are what constitutes Human Nature in the vast majority of the population.