David Knight, a leading ideologist in the US, is not smart enough to see that Putin is a “Russian Obama”.

David Knight is a leading ideologist in the US. But David Knight is himself a part of the Idiocracy when he joins the Putin Personality Cult in the US.

Dumb alternative media psyoped into worshiping of a "Manchurian Candidate" Putin.
Dumb alternative media psyoped into worshiping of a “Manchurian Candidate” Putin.

David Knight: “Crimea has always been Russian”


Russia lives under a hybrid occupation. Putin, just as Obama, Merkel, Trudeau, Theresa May, Macron is a puppet, a dumb figurehead for controlled by the “Shadow British Globalists”. Ukraine lives under a hybrid occupation as well. Ukraine’s president Poroshenko is also a figurehead.
Ukraine’s president Poroshenko, an asset of foreign intelligence, of the same “Shadow British Globalists”, and the “natural traitors” Ukrainian generals sabotaged ALL the battles and all the efforts of the Ukrainian army in its war against the invading Bantustan, Russia. So, the war of Ukraine and Russia is a war of two Bantustans, both of which are controlled by the foreign intelligence. Joel Skousen explained well how Ukrainian traitor bureaucrats and generals were sabotaging Ukraine’s own military. Eustace Mullins explained how the “Shadow British” would seek to control both sides in every war.

Idiocracy Now - The "Putin Personality Cult" is explained by the absence of Common Sense in 99% of the US population. - Idiocracy 2006, imdb tt0387808.
Idiocracy Now – The “Putin Personality Cult” is explained by the absence of Common Sense in 99% of the US population. – Idiocracy 2006, imdb tt0387808.

The coming nuclear war, i.e. an exchange of nuclear strikes between the two “Dumb Giants” of Russia and of US, was set in motion by the Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014, and not by the minor episode past Sunday. And the Idiocracy Prophet David Knight is worshiping the dumb figurehead Putin, a Russian Obama, and the puppet whose ultimate mission is to order a nuclear strike at the US.

The “state of war” in Ukraine was not installed by the “Ukrainian government”, but it was introduced into the parliament by the foreign agent president Poroshenko and APPROVED by the idiotic members of the Ukrainian parliament. These members of parliament, 80% of them, are saboteurs or are just dumb. The reason why these saboteurs and idiot are in the Ukrainian parliament is the stupidity of the Ukrainian populace who elected them. The core of evil is the utter stupidity of the masses. The same problem in Ukraine as in the US.