Hybrid war in Syria: On Feb 7, 2018, Russian generals betrayed and set up their own troops.

There is a hysterical disinformation campaign in Russian and in Ukrainian media that exaggerates the losses of the Russian mercenaries that were a part of the convoy destroyed on February 7, 2018. The Russian and Ukrainian media and trolls are 95-99% controlled by the Hybrid British Propaganda Ministry.
A website with a strong pro-Russian bias, southfront.org, this time gave a reasonable summary of propaganda and disinformation campaign in the Western and Russian media. What is missing in the report by the South Front, is that Mr. Girkin, a former leader of the earliest pro-Russian hybrid military units in Ukraine in 2014, participated in the disinformation campaign. Mr. Girkin, whom many pro-Russian web sites once presented as a hero, and whom southfront.org called “a former DPR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov (Girkin)” has been injecting the same disinformation with exaggerated losses of Russian mercenaries. Thus, the “hero” Mr. Girkin now works a troll and he is a part of the same Global Propaganda Ministry that controls Reuters and CNN. How come?

The general context of the Russian presence in Syria is that Putin, a British spy, received an order to evacuate the Russian troops from Syria already in early 2016. But the collegiate ruling body in Russia, the Russian Security Council, opposed this and insists on staying in Syria. To force the Russians out, there have been a number of hybrid, i.e. military and non-military, special operations. This Feb 7, 2018, operation looks like a setup, like a special operation, organized by the British. And Russian generals here acted as traitors and set up their own troops.

Survival Rule: Traitor is a typical psychological profile of a general, in any country and in any time, today or in the past. On February 7, 2018, Russian generals joined their US colleagues and demonstrated their skills in treason, the most important “art of war”.

The situation is quite complex in Russia. Thus, the Russian Ministry of Defense and the generals of the Russian Chief of Staff are controlled by the British, just like Putin himself and most of the “economic block” of Putin’s government. The Russian Federal Security Bureau, the FSB, is an independent faction opposed to Putin and his cronies. The military aggression against Ukraine was conducted by the Russian military intelligence and later by the Russian military which is as already mentioned controlled by the British, i.e. by the “Globalists”, against the opinion of the FSB faction in the Russian Security Council.
The US generals are notorious traitors on all the theaters since at least the Vietnam war. The US generals act only when their Hybrid British Masters want so. Notably, here, general Harrigian describes the formidable air and artillery power that the US troops and air force unleashed against this Syrian government army convoy. If such force had been used against ISIS, it would not have lasted for more that two weeks. But somehow, the US military can not do much against ISIS for several years already. Just as they can’t do much against the enemy in Afghanistan or could not in Vietnam.

Thus, the operation of February 7, 2018, when many Russian mercenary were killed by the US air force and artillery, was a setup, a special operation organized by the Hybrid British, permitted by a treason of Russian generals. The goal is to push Russians out of Syria, to put a psychological pressure of mounting losses on those in the Russian Security Council who oppose a departure of Russian troops from Syria. Note, that if Russian leave Syria, the government of Assad will fall and hundreds of thousands of Alaouite, Christians and of other Syrians will be massacred.

A US intelligence commander: “The U.S. had urged Ukraine not to resist the Russian takeover of Crimea, though Ukraine had adequate forces to do so”.

“The Art Of Sabotage And Treason”: Generals are natural traitors. 95% of them have the psychological profile of a traitor.