90% of the population are suicidal idiots: what German 2017 elections tell us about​ the current state of the European Civilization.

Survival Rule: Not only the Parliaments and universities in the countries peopled by Europeans but up to 90% of all the population are suicidal idiots. Example: Germany’s parliamentary elections in 2017 where only 10% of all voters opposed the genocidal criminals, Merkel and her accomplices from other parties. 13% for AfD, the only anti-immigration, anti-suicide party, * 75%, i.e. turnout, = 10%.

Under the influence of the Propaganda Machine controlled by the “Hybrid World Order” in London, the stupid populace of European descent is ready to vote for “2+2=5” and for their own genocide.

Survival Rule: there are no “elites”, nor “secret societies” in the countries with European population. No “elite” would ever participate in the suicidal course that the entire European civilization has taken. South Africa is the future: open borders, a population that is already 100mln, and criminals who are also immediately released from prison even after armed assaults, a genocide of White farmers, etc.
There are no “secret elites” in the countries peopled with Europeans, only idiotic suicidal saboteurs. And the stupid populace, the “proles” incapable of logical thinking, as George Orwell described them, are the cause of all evil. Survival Rule: Merkel would be arrested if the stupid populace was not re-electing her. There are thousands of criminal cases for treason initiated against Merkel by German citizens, but all cases are dropped by judges and prosecutors, also criminals.

Survival Rule: the situation in Germany in 2017 is much worse than in 1933. The crime of the German bureaucracy and of the stupid populace is much worse in 2017 than in 1933. In 1933, people did not have Internet, it was harder to figure out what was going on. Also, though Hitler was an Austrian Jew, an agent of the British, a head of the “Black Lives Matters” provocateurs of the time, i.e. “Nazis”, and had no German citizenship until 1932, his fake program of “national revival”, “national grandeur” in 1933 did not look like the current program of overt suicide and genocide of Germans.

90% of Europeans are incapable of logical thinking. This dwarfs any possible differences in the IQ with Africans or anybody else. Also, I do not think that Europeans still have higher IQ. Systematic poisoning and poor nutrition affected the minds as well, not only the bodies.
So be horrified, as I am since that moment a while ago when I realized all that.
Survival Rule: “Universal Suffrage” system is the worst system of government and will lead to a genocide of Europeans and of everybody else. Representatives should be selected by tests of logical thinking, IQ, and have a record of moral life.

Survival Rule: the genocidal and suicidal agenda is imposed by the “Covert Global Government”, the “Hybrid British World Order”, with a headquarters in London. The Covert Global Government controls the Propaganda Machine in ALL countries, controls the bureaucracies, the intelligence agencies. At the core of the Hybrid British World Order is a relatively small group, less than a hundred of individuals, who are members of a multi-generational Genocidal Cult. The Cult Members are probably degenerates themselves because their agenda is a pure madness. Everybody else, the politicians, the saboteur bureaucrats, the saboteur corporate bureaucracies, are just opportunistic dumb saboteurs without ideology. The success of the Genocidal Cult, the total world domination that the Cult achieved is explained by the very low resistance that they meet. And the low resistance to the London’s Genocidal Cult is explained by the stupidity of the population and the absence of “elites” among Europeans.

I wrote extensively on the idiocy of the 90% of the population, on the fact that this majority is unfit for survival. The name of this website by the way originates from this fact. “The New Neandertalien” is the modern human, another hominoid doomed for extinction. The “new Neanderthalians​” are my audience​​. Some of my tweets on the “90% issue” are linked here.

@NNeandertalienE on the stupid populace, the 90% of the population incapable of survival

@NNeandertalienE on the stupid populace, the 90% of the population incapable of survival

The text above started as an answer to the following comment to a Youtube podcast:
William Wallace
It’s even comforting in a way to believe it is a conspiracy because the alternative is imagining whole Parliaments and whole universities who saw the LA Riots, who saw the aftermath of Apartheid, who must have known about the Bell Curve and could simply Google the average IQ of nations at that point could still believe The Blank Slate would even apply to guys getting to us when they are grown men.?