“The Art Of Sabotage And Treason”: Generals are natural traitors. 95% of them have the psychological profile of a traitor.

Survival Rule: “Generals are natural traitors. 95% of the generals have the psychological profile of a traitor.”
This Survival Rule is true for generals in all the countries and for the period of at least the last 100 years.
The officers do not do much better than the generals. The soldiers behave as a stupid cannon fodder.

The essence of the traitor generals McMaster, “the author of “The Art of Treason” and Mattis, “the author of “The Art of Sabotage”, is in the two satirical tweets below:

President Trump, the imperfect revolutionary, however, remains fascinated by the military, by the generals. This, despite having witnessed a spectacular act of treason and sabotage on the US soil, the 9/11 attack in the New Your in 2001. Trump immediately knew that a building like those of World Trade center tours can not be destroyed by fire. Trump even commented on this to a TV network right after 9/11.
Trump keeps hiring traitor generals upon the advice of Steve Bannon. Bannon became even more chaotic than Trump himself. Bannon’s behavior is strange​. Bannon may have been submitted to some type of radio waves or a poison that influenced his will.

The biggest mistake of Trump so far was the bombing of Syria with Tomahawk missiles​. Now, it becomes clear that Trump was misled​ by the traitor generals Mattis, McMaster and possibly others. Trump was a victim of disinformation by his closest military advisers.

Trump had to have learned his lesson then. Trump’s latest action on Syria was correct: he canceled​ the CIA support for the “Syrian rebels”, i.e. the hybrid army of the British “World Order”. Without the CIA financing, ISIS will quickly disappear. This development is in ​line with what I suggested here. But Trump did not learn the lesson on the treasonous nature of the generals. As a result, Trump is surrounded​ with traitor generals who are plotting multiple setups and run a coup against Trump.

The US generals, saboteurs, traitors, and mere idiots, controlled by the British intelligence, are preparing a setup for Trump in South Korea.
Seoul may be destroyed due to a sabotage of the US generals: “A Logical Suite on North Korea: Seoul may be destroyed by the artillery of the British puppet Kim.”: