Another confirmation that Israel’s prime-minister Netanyahu is a “Globalist”, i.e. a British spy.

Alex Jones is defending Israeli’s prime-minister Netanyahu. Joel Skousen, a prominent US ideologist, says that Netanyahu is a “Globalist”. We now have another confirmation of this.
What it means to be a “Globalist”: Netanyahu is a patsy of the Hybrid British “World Order”, aka London’s “Globalists”. Netanyahu is a saboteur and a traitor controlled by London. That makes him a so cold “Globalist”, which means “saboteur”, “traitor”, “foreign spy”. Alex Jones thus demonstrates again that he is a top troll in the “alternative media” propaganda arm of the Hybrid Occupation of the US by the London’s “World Order”. The order to defend Netanyahu is given to the entire Worldwide Propaganda Network controlled by London’s Oligarchy. You can find the same “defense of Netanyahu” on every outlet that is controlled by London. The attack against the new sanction bill against Russia is also done by Alex Jones on orders from London. Merkel, the EU, Reuters and other “Pravdas” of the British, as well as most of the “alternative media” are participating in this attack.

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