Survival Rule: Trump’s skills in hiring people are inadequate. He needs help.

Trump has been complaining about almost every key figure in his administration. All of them, however, were hired by Trump himself. In the most recent development, Trump administration hired an obvious idiot and a slimy opportunist from the Wall-Street, Scaramucci, as a press secretary. If there had been a due hiring process, Scaramucci would have never been hired . First of all, a Survival Rule: intellect is not required to work as a banker. Very few bankers actually have intellect. The entire banking business is a marketing operation and a giant fraud operation. Most of the banking industry should have been arrested a long time ago, as for instance the JP Madoff (aka JP Morgan) who knew all the time that Madoff was not buying any securities and thus was running an obvious Ponzi scheme. JP Morgan executives are thus accomplices in the Madoff’s crimes and should be arrested. They are not arrested only because there is a total sabotage of the US bureaucratic apparatus. This was just one example. But there are thousands of cases of fraud and incompetence.
Another corollary from the Survival Rule presented above is that Cohen and Mnuchin that Trump appointed in his administration must also be idiotic and opportunistic Wall-Street types who can not be trusted with anything.

It became clear at this point, that over 90% of people who Trump appointed in his administration are engaged in sabotage or are incompetent. It is also clear that Trump does not have hiring skills. At first sight, it is quite surprising for Trump who built a business empire. But it is not surprising for those who are familiar with the entrepreneurial types. Indeed, poor hiring skills are quite common even among the successful entrepreneurs. Trump seems to appoint people without any testing or screening, and later Trump corrects his choices if the candidate underperforms. In the case of his presidential administration, however, Trump is deliberately served only with saboteur candidates. Thus, Trumps replaces one saboteur with another saboteur, and nothing gets done.

It is therefore important at this point to help Trump, to put in place a proper screening and testing for his future hiring. The psychologic profile of the candidates should be established to filter out saboteurs, opportunists, double-thinkers, idiots, trolls, infiltration agents of hostile foreign powers, i.e. of the “Hybrid British Empire”.

Trump has no hiring skills and does not realize the degree of sabotage around him.

Trump has no hiring skills and does not realize the degree of sabotage around him.


An update, July 28, 2017: Three days after I published this post, Scaramucci confirmed my statement that he is an idiot. In a spectacular manner.
Again, a Survival Rule: Trump does not know how to hire people. He needs help.