The “deep state” is an imaginary entity. The entire US bureaucracy is engaged in an open sabotage and treason. An update on the US as of July 2017.

The text below provides a short summary of several key points on the current situation in the US. These key points are largely misunderstood or ignored by the public and the “experts”, while propaganda machine with both of its arms, the “mainstream” and the “alternative” media, wages a psychological war against the populace. The goal of the propaganda machine is to disorient the populace completely. This goal is largely achieved.
This text was a response to a comment that mentioned an article on my site.

Hi there! The “odd site” The New Neandertalien in English ( is here. The site is not Russian, but Ukrainian.
Thank you for mentioning it. However, several points in your comment require a discussion:

– Wikileaks = NSA = The Resistance;
– Wikileaks did not win the elections for Trump. Survival Rule: The stupid populace is too dumb to react to any revelation, even the most shocking. Survival Rule: the stupid populace reacts only to what it hears the most often;
– Look up the main “Pravda” of the Hybrid British World Order, The Guardian. They did a series of articles on how an internet analytics firm screwed the British in two elections, the Brexit and Trump. The British panicked.
– The alternative media are as controlled as the mainstream media. The alternative media hosts are as corrupt or as dumb as the mainstream media propaganda clerks. The alternative media audience is almost as dumb as the mainstream audience. The instincts of the alternative audience are right but they can not figure out anything and just parrot the trolls and the compromised hosts.
– LaRouche did an excellent work in the 1990s. LaRouche’s historians NAMED the real force behind the hybrid occupation of the US and of the entire world, the British, in its current hybrid form. But LaRouche went “double-thinker” lately and pimps Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa, China, all of which are under the control of the British Globalists. Someone sponsors LaRouche and asks for this type of message in exchange. That someone are the same British that LaRouche has been fighting.
– Trump is chaotic, Trump is manipulated, but Trump is his own man. He can be manipulated but Trump is not a patsy (a Survival Rule). However, Trump runs great risks because he is unaware of who is the real enemy. Thus, in August, a British setup is coming where Seoul can be destroyed and Trump can be impeached as a result. The US generals will sabotage South Korea just as they sabotaged Ukraine and all the other countries where they intervened.
– Survival Rule: Assange, Wikileaks = NSA = The Resistance. Survival Rule: Snowden = CIA = Oliver Stone (a top CIA propaganda officer) = sabotage = the hybrid British occupation.
– The “deep state” is an imaginary entity. The entire US bureaucracy is engaged in an open sabotage and treason. Also, “neocons”, “left”, “right” and even “globalists” are little more than propaganda memes. These labels are used to describe those who in reality do not have any ideology, do not have any beliefs​.​ In fact, the absolute majority of the bureaucracy, in government, in non-profit think tanks, in international organizations, and in corporations, are involved in sabotage. These people are a vermin. They will go with any program sent by their masters. Tomorrow, they would do and say the opposite, of what they said and did yesterday. They will do anything to continue receiving their paycheck, their benefits.
– Survival Rule: nobody in the US understands what goes on with their country and in the World. Nobody in the European civilization understands what goes on. Too bad.

P.S.: On “alternative media”, and another “Dumb Giant” of the British, the state of Israel.

As already mentioned, the text above was a response to a comment that mentioned an article on my site.
Already after posting my response, I saw that the site looks like a typical fake “alternative media”, sponsored by the British worldwide propaganda machine. The specific role of that site seems to be to criticize the mainstream propaganda version of the genocides of Europeans. There is also some pimping of Hitler. There is a lot of trolls with this profile on the web. The large amount of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish trolls, together with the constant anti-Israel propaganda of the mainstream media, is another indication that the British “World Order” prepares a destruction of their own creation, the state of Israel.
Also, that particular article injects disinformation against Donald Trump. That is a typical mode of operation for the compromised “alternative media”: they push “alternative agenda” but every now and then inject the right disinformation to confuse their audience.
However, there remains some doubt. It is possible that the author is just misled and does not understand the role of Israel. The true role of Israel is to be just another​ Dumb Giant used by the British.