Logical Suite on MH17 flight: 1) Holland is a lackey state of the British “World Order” (a Survival Rule), 2) The British chose MH17 flight to have a total control over the investigation, 3) The case is never to be solved.

The British “Hybrid Empire”, or the the Current “World Order”, achieved a total control of the bureaucratic apparatus in Holland and in Switzerland. Both countries, Holland and Switzerland, thus became the lackey states of the British.
The hybrid occupation of the rest of Europe is also obvious. It looks however that Holland and Switzerland are the favorite lackeys. The British probably have a better control of the bureaucracy in these two lackey countries and use them more often.

The lackey status of Holland hints to a possible reason of why the MH17 flight was chosen by the British to be the target of the Russian “Buk” missile in 2014. Indeed, in their lackey state, Holland, the British could have a total control over the investigation. Thus, the case could remain unresolved for ever.
The “investigations” of plane crashes by the saboteur European bureaucrats do not always take as long as with the MH17. Thus, in the case of Germanwings Flight 9525 plane crash in 2015, already on the next day of the crash, the cause of the crash was established. It was “a suicide of the 27-year-old pilot”. The bureaucratic monkeys, Angela Merkel of Germany, the French prime-minster Valls, the Spanish prime-minister Rajoy, and a bunch of other top bureaucratic monkeys, showed up at the location of the crash in the South of France, to accuse the young pilot of deliberately crashing the plane in a suicidal act. The young pilot was declared “depressive” and “suicidal”. The “investigation” took just one day.

Who can send “the very busy leaders of the super powerful European nations” to do such an absurd PR action? Well, if the stupid populace would not re-elect these bureaucratic criminals, they could be criminally investigated. The investigators would be able to ask who exactly ordered Merkel and the other top bureaucrats to go at the location of the German Wings crash. Further investigation would lead us to the chain of command and the true structure of governance of the “European Union” and the “Bantustan-countries” of Europe. But since the idiotic populace re-elects the same criminals, the psychopathic genocidal bureaucrats and politicians, in each election, the criminals are never charged for their crimes.


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It is still not clear how the MH17 was destroyed. It is still not clear who did it. However, we may use logical thinking to form an idea. Thus, Holland, the lackey state of the British “World Order” has been sabotaging the investigation for three years. While the other European psychopathic bureaucrats could “investigate” and “find the cause” of the crash of the Germanwings Flight 9525.
In regard to the possible involvement of Ukraine, it is not very likely. Indeed, there is a hardcore sabotage of their own army by the Ukrainian generals and bureaucrats. Thus, Ukraine did not use its air-defense against Russia. Many Ukrainian planes and helicopters were sabotaged, insufficiently protected and deliberately exposed​ to the Russian military on the ground and to the Russian air force.​ Ukraine lost multiple aircraft s during the period when the MH17 was destroyed, while Russian airforce did not lose a single aircraft.

The sabotage of the investigation by the Dutch bureaucrats already turns the victims​ of the crash in a cannon fodder in the propagandist warfare. The lives and dignity of the people do not matter a lot.
Well, the stupid Dutch populace is totally brainwashed,​ understands nothing and keeps voting for the same psychopathic bureaucracy. Thus, the genocide of the Dutch populace, and the genocide of the stupid populace of European descent will continue. So be it.

This being said, there is still a question of why would the British organize such an operation. Indeed, Russia is just another Dumb Giant used by the British. The whole war against Ukraine is a British operation. Nobody in Kremlin as late as 2013 knew the attack against Ukraine was going to happen. So, why would the British expose their “Dumb Giant” Russia and why would they kill some passengers from the British lackey state Holland? It is possible that this was a ritual killing, a sacrifice​. The British do this type of sacrificial killing on a regular basis. The murder of the Russian “politician” Boris Nemtsov looks like one such sacrificial killing. Mr. Nemtsov was an idiot. He was from the London’s “pool of cadres” in Russia. Indeed, it was the alcoholic president Yeltsin and the “Russian” media, both controlled by London already in the early 1990s, who “created” Nemtsov the politician.
Nemtsov was killed near the Kremlin, walking home with an escort girlfriend. The killers were a group of Chechens​. They were later arrested and just recently have been sentsed by jury trial. The “president” of the Chechen Republic in Russia, Mr. Kadyrov and his personal army financed by the Russian taxpayer, is an asset of the British. In Russia, Mr. Kadyrov is the main support, and almost the only support for Mr. Putin, another British agent.
So, Mr. Nemtsov, an unimportant, useless “politician”, an asset of the British, is killed by Chechen killers, most likely on order of their “leader” Mr. Kadyrov, also an asset of the British. Why? A sacrifice? A ritual killing? There is no other explanation.