The hybrid occupation of the US: The “British Satanist Midget” (IQ=80) enslaved the “Dumb Giant” of the US (IQ=55).

The slideshow below uses screenshots from the movie “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”, 1985, IMDb tt0089530. It is a good way to explain the “Globalism”, i.e. the hybrid occupation of the US by the British midget.

In the slideshow and in the title, I use IQ=80 for the British Satanist Midget, which means “quite dumb”. And the IQ=55 for the Dumb Giant of the US, which means “an idiot, a retard”.

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For many months, we have been witnessing a worldwide anti-Trump hysteria. This hysteria involves the world’s media, bureaucracy, politicians, and the majority of the stupid, brainwashed populace. Note that the state sponsored media, notably in Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, Russia (“Russia Today”,, is in fact anti-Trump), Ukraine, and in the rest of the world, are all involved in the anti-Trump disinformation and brainwashing. This is despite the fact that the law and the statutes of these taxpayer-financed media specifically forbid disinformation and specifically require an impartial coverage of the events. It has now become clear that we are witnessing a British coup against the president of the United States of America Donald Trump. I covered both issues in previous articles. Here, I want to describe the situation from a different angle.
In fact, as the involvement of the British intelligence and of their vast infiltration networks in the US and in Russia have been exposed, so was exposed the primitive, unsophisticated methods and equally primitive individuals, i.e. British spies, involved. The key figure linked to different absurdly pervert accusations against the president of the US is a top ranked British spy, the former head of the Russia desk at MI6, Christopher Steele. Christopher Steele is the author of the “Trump urinated on prostitutes in Moscow” dossier. This dossier, written with spelling mistakes, is strangely sexually pervert and frankly idiotic. The sexually pervert part probably reflects the pervert mind of the British spy Christopher Steele himself. The primitive, idiotic, overall character reflects the low intelligence of the high ranked British spy, and indicates that the British “intelligence” is not very “intelligent”.
Despite the low intelligence and an apparently rampant sexual deviance at MI6 and across the other institutions of the “Hybrid British Empire”, this entity was able to enslave and to continuously genocide the entire planet. How can this be possible? What about the “elites”? Well, it is now clear that the enslaved, and first of all, the Dumb Giant of the US, have an even lower intelligence than its master, the British Midget.

In the title, I used the term IQ, intellectual quotient, to describe intelligence. However, the IQ is a relative measure, it measures the intelligence of an individual in comparison to the rest of the current population. Thus, an IQ=100 reflects a median intelligence. To simplify, half of the current population is smarter than you, and half of the population is less intelligent than you. The IQ is imperfect in many other aspects. Thus, if you train the test, you can improve your results in the IQ tests. It should not be the case in a good intelligence test. For instance, in the “Putin Personality Cult”, no matter how long they take the test, the worshipers are not capable to improve their score, i.e. to understand that Putin is not “The Savior”, but is just another patsy, like Obama, Macron, Merkel, etc.

Another measurement of intelligence, an absolute measure, would be much better. The ultimate goal of an intelligence test should be to assess if the individual is fit to survive. I postulated before that the vast majority of the current population are unfit for survival. The majority of the population have no common sense. And the people in whom the common sense is expressed, those who normally insure the survival of the group, today are too few, below the proportion needed to insure the survival of all. This is reflected in the name of this blog, The New Neandertalien. The Neanderthal did not survive. The New Neandertalien is the current human and it is also doomed for extinction.