Idiocracy Now: The “Putin Personality Cult” is explained by the absence of Common Sense in 99% of the US population.

A member of the presidential administration from the movie “Idiocracy”: is he a “neocon”, a “globalist”, a “muslim”, a “leftist”, a “deep state”? Or is he just an idiot?

Brandon Martinez just published another interesting article on the “alternative media ” and the absurd Putin Personality Cult.
Brandon is a rare person who understood the obvious absurdity and idiocy of Putin and Russia worshiping and has been denouncing it in his writings and interviews.
The situation with the “alternative media”, i.e. the fact that it became just another arm of the psychological warfare against the European populace worldwide, has an explanation. It looks like we already live in an “Idiocracy” described in the 2006 Hollywood satire (imdb tt0387808). Idiocracy is a moment in history where most of the population are idiots. In “Idiocracy” a low IQ is used as a sign of idiocy. However, our current pandemic of idiocy is much better described by the lack of Common Sense in the absolute majority of the population, including the “elites”. Normally, at least 10% of the population have common sense. Today, however, this proportion looks reduced to below 1%.

Dumb alternative media psyoped into worshiping of
a “Manchurian Candidate” Putin.

Indeed, only a total absence of common sense can explain the Putin Personality Cult and Russia worshiping. There are​ a thousand​ ways to check if Putin is really a “Savoir”. Thus, if you go to the site of “Russia Today”,, and search it for any important topic, you will be amazed to what extent the content of is identical to the disinformation injected by the “mainstream media” in the US. Moreover, “Russia Today” quotes almost exclusively the main “Pravdas” of the hybrid occupation of the US, the New York Times (financed by the Mexican oligarch Carlos Slims) and the Washington Post (financed by Amazon’s Bezos, the figurehead for the CIA monopoly on Internet commerce in the US). Only a person with a total absence of common sense can remain blind to the obvious “Globalist” nature of the propaganda injected by

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