“Judeo-Gypsy” Jeff Bezos is a figurehead for the CIA monopoly on the Internet Commerce in the US. This monopoly is a product of the Bureaucratic Sabotage.

“Judeo-Gypsy” Jeff Bezos – a figurehead for the Monopoly on the Internet Commerce. It is a product of the Bureaucratic Sabotage in the US. Also note that the CIA is just another “Dumb Giant” controlled by the British, by the Hybrid British Empire, that completely subdued the US bureaucracy, turned the US in a collective suicidal and psychopathic organism.
“Тhe subsidized profits” of the Amazon’s Monopolistic business are used to finance the propaganda arm of the British Hybrid Occupation of the US, notably the Washington Post. Judeo-Gypsy Jeff Bezos, the British-CIA-Amazon monopoly on the Internet commerce in the US, and the criminal act of subsidizing a Monopoly by the public finance, are only possible due to the sabotage of the US bureaucracy. Thus, there are laws on the books, i.e. already existing, that require the bureaucratic body to act against a monopoly.
Amazon-CIA-Washington Post operation is an example of a hybrid warfare technology used by the British Empire for over a century. The British Empire, today in a “Hybrid” form, is in fact “The World Order”. And it is not a “New” World Order. It has been the “Current” World Order for at least a century. This particular hybrid technology consists in 1) creating monopolies to capture abnormal profits, and 2) using this abnormal profits to finance sabotage and brainwashing of the populace. Monopolies and figurehead oligarchs are thus a form of hybrid warfare, a treason. The Judeo-Gypsy Jeff Bezos, as well as other figureheads​ “Gypsy-Oligarchs”, such as the euthanasia champion Bill Gates, must be criminally​ investigated for and espionage, treason. The anti-monopoly law must be applied, the monopoly must be dismantled.

Also note, that the Wall Street Journal of the media magnate Murdock, a “mainstream media”, is probably a part of “The Resistance”. Thus, with this article, the WSJ of Murdock gave a hard kick to the groin of the hybrid British occupant.

Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery… “each box gets a $1.46 subsidy.”

via Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery – WSJ

Alex Jones’ infowars.com reported the story above, published by the WSJ. It means that despite being​ compromised (pushing “Putin Personality Cult” and other disinformation​) Alex Jones’ operation really fights the hybrid occupation of the US.

Alex Jones’ Infowars: Government Subsidizes $1.46 of Every Amazon Box Shipped, Study Finds

via Government Subsidizes $1.46 of Every Amazon Box Shipped, Study Finds » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

“The Washington Post” should be called “The Pravda of the CIA”.:https://thenewneandertalienen.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/the-washington-post-should-be-called-the-pravda-of-the-cia/