The British hit Poland with a massive hybrid warfare attack, right after the successful visit of Donald Trump.

After a very successful visit of Donald Trump, the President of the United States, the first president in decades who is trying to fight the hybrid occupation of the US, to Poland, the Only Country in Europe governed by The True Nationalists, Poland came under a massive hybrid warfare attack.

Both the hybrid occupation of the US and the saboteur networks in the Polish bureaucracy and media are controlled by the British intelligence and the mad genocidal cult which is behind the “Hybrid British Empire”.

Both in Ukraine and in Poland, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, notoriously infiltrated​ by the British, engaged in a staged conflict. The same absurd and idiotic tactic is used: a nationalist leader of the 1930-1950, Stepan Bandera, who was a prisoner of a Nazis concentration​ camp from 1941 to 1944, is accused of committing​ ​”war crimes against Jews and Poles”. How could Stepan Bandera, arrested together with all of his organization just 2 weeks​ after they declared the independence​ of Ukraine in summer of 1941, commit any “war crimes against Jews and Poles”? Did he do it from the Nazis concentration camp? Utter idiotic nature of this type of accusation demonstrate the idiocy of the European populace and the immoral saboteur nature of the bureaucracy and propaganda.
Indeed, nobody in the propaganda and the bureaucratic European vermin​ questions why George Soros, a teenager Nazis collaborator and figurehead for the British worldwide sabotage operations, is not arrested and investigated both for his wartime crimes and the current sabotage on the worldwide scale.

It is time to remind the stupid populace and the saboteur bureaucratic vermin, that “Nazis” was a creation of the British, a successful hijacking of the German bureaucratic machine. And thus, the plans of total extermination of Poles, were the plans designed in London, by the genocidal satanic cult, that is behind the “Hybrid British Empire”.

It also needs to be reminded to the Polish, first of all to the rational, patriotic, nationalist Poles, that if Ukraine is sabotaged into submission to Russia, – and that is the plan designed in London, – the Ukrainians will be used as cannon fodder for an attack against the next victim, Poland. Indeed, the areas that the saboteur Ukrainian bureaucrats surrendered to Russia in 2014, under the pressure of the saboteurs from the US State Department and the EU bureaucrats, are used today as cannon fodder in the hybrid war against their own country, Ukraine. The Crimean men, who betrayed their country, Ukraine, are called up for the army service in the Russian army. The stupid populace in the occupied area of the Eastern Ukraine is mercilessly used as cannon meat by the Russians. If the entire Ukraine is surrendered to Russia, millions of Ukrainians, as in 1941-1945, will be used as cannon fodder in the next genocidal war in Europe.

The hybrid war acts, the psychological warfare, that are conducted with help of the saboteur networks in Polish and Ukrainian bureaucratic apparatus, should be address seriously. The British intelligence activities should be met with adequate measures by Polish and Ukrainian counterintelligence. The same goes for the US counterintelligence. However, the level of sabotage in the US is total. The US is currently the main”Dumb Giant” of the British, similar to what the German Dumb Giant was during the WW2. The current Russia, Israel, and many others are also the “Dumb Giants”, created and exploited by the British satanist midget.

Now, here is the reminder:

Tragedy and Hope
A History of the World in Our Time
Carroll Quigley

“Nazi plans aimed at the eventual extermination of the Poles and the Polish nation. In the winter of 1939-1940, all Poles were deported, street by street with only a few hours’ notice, from the western areas annexed to Germany into the government-general. In the latter areas, under the rule of Hans Frank and Arthur Seyss-Inquart, all wealth which could be used by Germany was confiscated and removed; all Polish institutions of higher learning or culture were abolished, so that only elementary schools (and these conducted in the German language) were allowed; all outstanding persons were murdered; millions were deported westward to work as slave laborers in German factories; the food consumption of those who remained was reduced by German seizure of food supplies to a quarter of the daily need (to 600 calories); and various measures, such as separation of the sexes, were taken to prevent the reproduction of Poles. Under these circumstances it is remarkable that Polish spirit could not be broken, that hundreds of thousands of Poles continued to resist in guerrilla bands, in the underground “Home Army” under Generals “Grot” (Stefan Rowecki) and “Bor” (Thaddeus Komorowski), and that sabotage, propaganda, spying, and communication with the Polish government in London continued to flourish.”