A Logical Suite on North Korea: Seoul may be destroyed by the artillery of the British puppet Kim.

A Logical Suite on North Korea: 1) Switzerland is a lackey state of the British (the London Oligarchy, the Hybrid British Empire, the World Order, The force behind the hybrid occupation of the US). 2) Kim grew up in a private school in Switzerland. 3) Given 1) and 2), Kim is an asset of the British Intelligence and of its “Dumb Giant” in the US (the CIA, the US State Dep, the dumb US generals, etc.)

4) In the US, almost nobody understands that their country is under a hybrid occupation by the British. In North Korea, it must be the same, or worst. The North Korean generals may not know where the orders come from. While the orders come from the British. 5) If the British give an order to the North Korean generals, the generals WILL ATTACK. And the conventional military forces of North Korea are considerable. Seoul, the capital, is on the border with North Korea and can be bombarded by any kind of artillery. 6) If the British give an order and the North Koreans hit Seoul with artillery, half of the city can be destroyed in a couple of hours. It is horrible and can be blamed on Trump. 7) The British are satanists, responsible for the 80 millions of death in the genocidal “world wars” in Europe, for a lot of other satanical, anti-humanist acts all over the planet and during many centuries. The order​ to bombard Seoul from the British to the North Korean generals is thus a likely option. 8) In the hybrid war in Eastern Ukraine, which is another hybrid​ conflict crafted by the British who control both sides, Putin and the Ukrainians saboteur bureaucrats, the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk were heavily​ bombarded by the same separatists and the Russian forces who held them. It was a page from the Orwell’s “War is Peace” description. The indifferent populace had to be terrorized​ to take a side. Therefore, the recent experience in Ukraine also suggests that a massive artillery strike against Seoul is likely. The British are likely to order such strike.

9) If the North Korean generals are contacted by the patriotic, healthy, US negotiators (not from the State Department or from the CIA, which are both controlled by the British) then Kim may be removed by the generals themselves. North Korea may start a process of reintegration with the normal life and the normal world.