The opportunistic Alex Jones accepted money from the same Globalists that he fights. Result: investigated​ for espionage by the FBI.

Alex Jones is under criminal investigation for espionage by the FBI. Sadly, a very talented but also very opportunistic Alex Jones DOES indeed take money fro injecting disinformation. But not from “Russians” per say, but rather from the “Globalists”. Rectification of names, Survival Rule: “Globalists” means the hybrid infiltration and sabotage network controlled by the British Intelligence and the London’s Oligarchy.
The paradox is that Alex Jones DOES really fight “Globalism”, i.e. the destruction of the US and the genocide of its population by the British Satanic Midget. But the opportunism of Alex Jones made him a “double-thinker”, i.e. someone who believes and does two opposite​ things at the same time. Opportunism is a character trait of the Low Castes, of the “proles”, of the saboteur bureaucrats. Thus, almost the entire US and world bureaucracy are opportunistic low caste type, who did their career in sabotage. Yes, in sabotage. A career in sabotage. That is what the bureaucrats in the US do.
A lot of other alternative media outlets succumbed to the sponsorship offers of the “Globalists”, i.e. British infiltration network. For instance, the popular “alternative media” outlet “Zerohedge” is deeply compromised. Half or more of Zerohedge content is disinformation injected by the same “Globalists” sources. And even Drudge Report looks compromised.

Shortsighted opportunism of the popular alternative media people exposes them to the same problems that Alex Jones is now facing. The Globalist sponsors have the detailed record of “sponsorship” and will themselves transmit it to the FBI when they decide to shut down an alternative media outlet.
There is however a bright side of this story. Indeed, the entire propaganda network controlled by the British, i.e. CNN, WaPo, NYT, CBS, NBC, etc., is engaged not only in a large-scale​ sabotage, open treason and espionage activities, but they are a part of a coup against the president of the United States of America. The “mainstream media” arm of the British infiltration network must also be investigated on the charges of espionage and treason. Healthy forces in the US must demand that the FBI criminally investigates the “mainstream media”. If the FBI refuses to investigate, or sabotages such investigation, the chief of the FBI himself MUST be criminally investigated for espionage and treason.

Quote: Alex Jones: “I am under criminal
0:28 espionage investigation by the FBI for
0:37 taking money from Russians or Russian
0:41 owned companies”.

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