Russia Today: “massive voter fraud in the US does not exist”.

The majority of the “alternative media” and of their audience have been engaged in an idiotic​ and utterly degrading “Putin Personality Cult”., the “Russian” media network, is constantly cited and praised by the same “alternative media” as the source of truth. Sometimes, is criticized by some segments of the “alternative media” for being the propaganda arm of the dangerous Communist-KGB Russian adversary.
So, again, I went and searched the site of for another very important topic – the voter fraud in the US. The topic is very important because the scale​ of the voter fraud is such that the US should no longer be considered as a sovereign state, but rather a bantustan, a colony, a failed state.

I understood long ago, that Russia Today,, was controlled by the “Globalists”, meaning the British intelligence and their brainwashing machine. I was surprised however to what extent the content on was identical to the brainwashing and disinformation of the “mainstream​ media”.
Here it is:

Also shocking the bluntly “Globalist”, “Mainstream” disinformation on all the other issues discussed in the program. For instance: