The key piece that is missing in the worldview of Joel Skousen: London is the enemy.

In October 2016, I deconstructed Joel Skousen’s views based on his interview with Alex Jones at that time and based on Skousen’s other interviews and writings. Survival Rule: Joel Skousen is a rare ideologist in the US. Joel Skousen is capable of understanding reality, of having convictions and of generating his own ideology.
By that time, by October 2016, I had already come to a firm conviction that the “Center of Evil” had its headquarters in London. Just recently, my understanding of London’s role and of the structure behind the London’s “World Order” was considerably improved thanks to the early work of Anton Chaitkin and of other historians from the LaRouche Movement. The most recent analysis provided by the same people from the LaRouche Movement deteriorated considerably. It is quite likely that there was an important donor, a Globalist agent, who, in exchange of sponsorship, asked LaRouche to push Putin Personality Cult as well as some other dubious agenda. In their presentations in the 1990-s, however, the historians from the LaRouche Movement did a much better work. Notably, LaRouche specifically named the Invisible British Empire as the force behind the hybrid occupation of the US.