Stefan Molyneux does not progress in his understanding of The Present. So, On The Present, on The Hybrid Occupation of the countries with European population.

Stefan Molyneux does not progress in his understanding of “The Present”. “The Present” here is the reality in the Orwellian sense as opposed to the falsified narrative, as opposed to the falsified reality created as a part of the psychological warfare against the populace. Having an adequate grasp of The Past, of The Present, and of The Future is a critical skill for survival. Without this skill, you will be endlessly fooled and easily psyoped by new injections of disinformation and brainwashing.

So, On The Present:
– Canada is under a “hybrid occupation” by the “Hybrid British Empire”, also known as The Covert Global Fascist State” with a headquarter in London, also known as the London’s Oligarchy, also known as Globalists, also known as “The World Order”.
– The entire West is under a sadistic hybrid occupation by the same entity, by the Covert Global Fascist State created and run by the London’s Oligarchy. The rest of the World is under a hybrid occupation as well, but with some regional differences. In many countries, the march towards a suicide is not so extreme as in the West.
– The goal of the London’s Oligarchy, of the Covert Global Fascist State, is to genocide the Whites, and to genocide everybody else, to depopulate the entire planet.
– The media, corporate, alternative, state-owned, are almost entirely controlled by London. The world’s media are a propaganda arm of the London Oligarchy, of the Covert Global Fascist State.
– The bureaucracy in all the countries is psychopathic, sadistic, saboteur. In all the countries. But in most of the countries with European population, the sadism and psychopathic madness are far higher than it was in Nazi Germany, far higher than it ever existed in history.

– Everything that is done and said by the bureaucrats and the propaganda machine in the West has the only final goal: the genocide of the stupid populace, depopulation of the planet Earth.
– 90% of the population of European descent is idiotic, incapable of logical thinking. They are the stupid populace, they are the “Orwellian proles”. Their genocide is possible because the stupid populace lives in symbiosis with the genocidal bureaucracy. They, the stupid populace, elect and re-elect the same bureaucrats who genocide the populace. The stupid populace​ elected Trudeau in Canada, Macron in France, Merkel in Germany, Putin in Russia, Obama in the US. As long as the universal suffrage exists, as long as the psychopathic permanent bureaucracy exists, it is impossible to stop the genocide.
– Survival Rule: “The massive importation of lumpen proletariat from the third world, the psychopathic and sadistic population replacement program, is a creation of the same entity that organized two genocidal world wars, Hitler’s and Stalin’s regimes, worldwide slave trade, worldwide drug trade, multiple less known war crimes and genocides, hybrid warfare and terrorism from communist revolutions to anarchists and to pseudo-muslim terrorism. The ultimate​ goal is to genocide the population of European descent, to depopulate the planet.”

– If you ignore the Survival Rule formulated above and start a discussion around different propaganda injections on presumable benefits of “diversity”, of “multiculturalism”, as Stefan Molyneux and his Canadian caller do, you already lose. To resist effectively, you need to identify the threat, to give it a proper name, and to act on it. Discussion of different propaganda injections is useless, it is a waste​ of time. The title of this particular video by Stephan Molyneux says: “Prepare yourself accordingly”. But if a genocide of Europeans is the goal behind the massive importation of afro-muslims, then you can not “prepare yourself accordingly”. How prepared can you be to the forty years of Stalinism in Russia? How prepared​ can you be to the slaughter of tens of millions in the genocidal World War One and World War Two? How prepared​ can you be to the years and decades of hybrid warfare in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Eastern Ukraine, and to the coming hybrid warfare in the entire Europe and North America?