Survival Rule: Putin is a “Russian Macron”, i.e. the candidate of the Global Propaganda Ministry.

Survival Rule: Putin is an asset of the Hybrid British Empire, placed at the head of Russia by the alcoholic Russian president Yeltsin.

Dumb alternative media psyoped into worshiping of
a “Manchurian Candidate” Putin.

Yeltsin appointed Putin because London told him so. And the Russian media and propaganda, that by then were already controlled by the Hybrid British Empire, ensured Putin’s victory. Thus, Putin is a “Russian Macron”, i.e. a ridiculous individual, a puppet, a patsy, who is placed in the leading role by a brainwashing stunt, by a psychological operation at nationwide scale, by an overwhelming use of the London controlled propaganda machine. Putin is exactly the same thing that is Macron in France, Trudeau in Canada, Obama in the US, Merkel in Germany. That is, Putin, as the other “leaders”, is the candidate of the Global Propaganda Ministry controlled from London.
Now, why there is such a cult of Putin in the West? Why is this ridiculous “Putin Personality Cult” so popular and why the opposition to it is almost nonexistent? It is enough to examine the content of the widely​ popular “Russia Today”,, during half an hour, to realize that on the key issues, parrots the Global Propaganda Ministry controlled by the covert global government​ in London. Also, just reading the English Wikipedia​ is enough to figure out the false​ propagandist narrative on almost any issues that involves Russia and Putin. Why then “experts”, analysts, people with intellect, do not see these obvious facts?
It is possible that the US population, and the Western population in general, is already severely affected by some type of poisoning. Otherwise, it is hard to explain why everybody is failing the intelligence test on Putin so miserably.

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