“The Hybrid British Empire”, is the force behind the hybrid occupation of the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and of the most of the countries in the World.

The analysis of the LaRouche Movement in the 1990-s was excellent. The LaRouche provided the best description of the “Invisible British Empire”. The “Invisible British Empire”, or as I call it “The Hybrid British Empire”, is the force behind the hybrid occupation of the USA, of Russia, of Ukraine, of the most of Europe and of the countries with European population, of the most of the countries in the World. Though the US is the main, visible, tool in the implementation of the London’s global genocidal and saboteur agenda, the sabotage in the USA is extreme. Thus, it is clear that the US, a country with such an extreme degree of bureaucratic sabotage, can only be a colony, can only be just another hybridly occupied nation.

In particular, the sabotage of the nuclear defense of the US, and the continued​ arming of Russia, in preparation for​ a nuclear strike against the US, is a blunt evidence of a suicidal nature of the bureaucratic sabotage in the US. A good description of how​ the psychopathic and suicidal US bureaucracy is sabotaging the nuclear defense is provided by Joel Skousen, one of the best US ideologists.

Thus, by elimination, we quickly come to the conclusion that “the center of evil” can only be situated in London. The term “Globalists”, widely used in recent years, is however misleading. A relatively small group of individuals decides the global genocidal agenda, while the implementation of the agenda is done by the dumb, psychopathic and immoral bureaucracies around the world. If we opt for the definition of “The Invisible British Empire”, “The British”, as the entity behind “Globalism”, we get a much better grasp of the reality. Also note, that “Globalism” is misleading on many levels. Thus, economically, it favors only China, while other countries are being looted and sabotaged.

In recent years, the analysis presented by the LaRouche Movement and the quality of LaRouche’s different initiatives, have deteriorated. Notably, an excellent series of lectures from the late 1990-s by LaRouche experts ​is accompanied by a call to sign a petition “to join” the lame BRICS countries. Indeed, all the BRICS countries are heavily infiltrated by the London’s agents, and the degree of sabotage there ranges from moderate to extreme.

Analysis of the current situation and the actions to undertake, “Survival Rules”:

– the stupid populace of the hybridly occupied countries, in particular, the stupid populace of European descent, is being slowly genocided (opium wars by pharma and illegal​ drug industry, food and water poisoning​, population replacement etc). The genocide may turn into an accelerated phase at any moment (a civil war with “muslims”, any civil war, regional wars (Russia vs Ukraine, vs Baltics, vs Poland, Yugoslavia​), a nuclear war (the US vs Russia, Russia vs EU, large-scale​ poisoning or an epidemics).

– the “temporarily rich” populace, including corporate and bureaucratic elites, are about to lose every asset they own (cashless society; regular devaluations of currency, like in Russia, Ukraine, Argentina; ever heavier taxation, notably of the real estate). The “temporarily rich”, both corporate and bureaucratic saboteurs, will be mercilessly sacrificed, often in a ritual manner.

– there is no group which would be earmarked for survival by the “Politburo” of the Hybrid British Empire. Everybody is to be genocided.

– There is a relatively small number of individuals, namely the “Politburo” and “The Central Committee” of the Hybrid British Empire, who are the true carriers of the ideology of global genocide. 99% of the “Globalists” are just lackeys, saboteurs, opportunists, double-thinkers and other low life types​ of individuals, the low, the “Immoral Cast”.

– Those who want to survive, those who still have the self-preservation​ instinct inside business and inside bureaucracy, should start the counter-offensive​ against the London’s “Politburo” and against its saboteur networks in each country.

– The “Globalist system”, “the Covert Global Fascist State”, “the Covert Global Government” in London, “the London’s Genocidal Sect” are all synonyms. This “Globalist system” is VERY vulnerable. The main reason for its existence​ is the Satanic, i.e. utterly immoral, nature of the majority of people. The bureaucratic sabotage is massive, the support of their own genocide by the stupid populace is massive, up to 90%, according to the latest election results. Thus, one of the thesis of the London’s Cult, the one that states that Man is not made in the God’s image, but is worse than any animal can be, is to a large degree correct. However, the main reason for this is in the fact that Common Sens is NOT expressed in up to 90% of the population. Common sense​, capacity to think logically is only expressed in the 10% of the population. And the absence of logical thinking is the major cause of the ​immoral behavior.

– Again, the “Globalist System” is very vulnerable. The necessary laws, the laws against bureaucratic sabotage, against treason, against organized crime, exist in every country. These laws can be applied against the saboteur network of the London’s Genocidal Cult. They need to be applied.

– Since the majority of the population, of the bureaucracy and of the repressive apparatus​ are composed of the populace with low common sense​, one way rally them, should be to call for their opportunistic nature. Once they realize​ that they are earmarked for extinction, for genocide, they may resist out of opportunistic nature. Thus, there are examples of successful resistance to the hybrid occupation both in Russia and in Ukraine.

Common sense​, capacity to think logically is only expressed in the 10% of the population.