British intelligence, a part of “the Hybrid British Empire”, controls corrupted layers of the US intelligence community, runs a coup against Trump.


From the transcript of the LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast – March 10, 2017:
“Congressman Nunez, the Republican head of


the House Intelligence Committee has


called for a hearing on March 20 which


will have as its witnesses James Comey


of the FBI, Mike Rogers of the NSA, John


Brennan of the CIA, and James clapper the


Director of National Intelligence, and


this is going to be quite interesting


because we’re looking here at treason,


we’re looking at a foreign government’s


collaboration with


corrupted layers of the intelligence


community to carry out a coup against


our elected government. These are


extremely serious treasonous style



Michael Billington made an excellent analysis of the situation in the US. Larouche Mouvement in general has for years had the best definition of who is behind the ​hybrid attack and the slow destruction of the United States. Indeed, Larouche names the British Empire, and I would add the term “hybrid” to this definition. Thus, the “Hybrid British Empire” is the entity that runs the hybrid occupation of the United States of America. Not the obscure “Globalists”, “Deep State” or “Neo-cons”, but the British, with their intelligence, and the global finance, media, non-profits networks and the world saboteur bureaucracies that the British control.
However, at around minute 10, Billington starts to parrot a disinformation on Ukraine created by the same British propaganda machine.
Here is a more detailed deconstruction​:

A very good analysis up to 10:30, where Micheal Billington started parroting the very same disinformation on Ukraine that is constantly repeated by the entire propaganda machine of the (Hybrid) British Empire that he vehemently denounced in the previous 10 minutes and during his entire life. The Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera WAS A NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMP PRISONER. Bandera was arrested by the Germans in 1941, a month after his movement declared an independent Ukraine. Bandera remained a prisoner in a German concentration camp until 1944. His brother, married to a daughter of an Italian diplomat, was also arrested and died in Auschwitz in 1942. Bandera’s father was executed by Stalin’s secret police NKVD. Bandera’s sisters were arrested, imprisoned, and later deported to Siberia. Neither Bandera, nor his movement, ever was antisemite, and many members of his organization were Jewish. Ukrainians have never been antisemite. Thus, the Jewish dialect Yiddish was one of the official languages in the independent Ukraine in 1918, a unique case in the history.
Ukrainians were 12% in the pre-war Poland (1920-1940), the same percentage were the Jews. In the city of Lviv, there were fewer Ukrainians than the Jews. Ukrainians were a majority around the city, but a small minority in the city itself.
“Russia”, or more precisely the USSR of Stalin, was a collaborator with the Nazis Germany to much larger degree than any opportunistic manoeuvres undertaken by some Nationalist movements. “Russia” trained German pilots and military in the 1930-s, participated in the occupation of the collapsion Poland in 1940, sabotaged the Spanish resistance to general Franco, as Orwell witnessed and described it in “Hommage to Catalonia”. Only after the attack by Hitler, did “Russia” became an enemy of Nazis.
In general, the populace, the people of Europe have NEVER BEEN antisemite or racists. Only when the state or “Hybrid British Empire” propaganda machine brainwashed the populace, would it then repeat the antisemitic propaganda. But the stupid populace would repeat anything and would adopt any suicidal behavior under the influence of propaganda. We know that with certainty today. Too bad Larouche and Billington are incapable to see the obvious facts of life, … and to consult the Wikipedia on Bandera, on Ukraine. Some basic and obvious facts about the situation in Ukraine:
Russia, and also Ukraine, are under a hybrid occupation of the same “British Empire” that is hybridly occupying the USA. Putin, like Obama or Merkel or Macron, is a patsy, an asset, of the “Hybrid British Empire”. And this should be obvious to anyone who studies the hybrid occupation of the West, as Larouche does.
There is, however, a successful resistance to the hybrid occupation, both in Russia and in Ukraine. More on that here: Sabotage in Ukraine has somewhat decreased. An update on Ukraine, Russia as of June 2017: