Only 10% of Germans in 2016 voted against Merkel, against “rapefugees”. The other 90% are idiots.

In the tweets below, I talk to the anti-virus German company Avira. They react to mentions of their company in the social networks. But Avira, as most of the German business people, remains​ blind to the criminal activities and psychopathic sabotage of their own German bureaucracy and politicians. Thus, my goal is to attract attention of an “Internet Security” company to the main risk of our existence, i.e. to the psychopathic and suicidal sabotage of the bureaucracy, and the stupidity of the populace. I want Germans at Avira to find this article and to give it a proper consideration. Those who have some intellect in Germany need to resist, need to counteract the sabotage of their bureaucracy. Indeed, if Germans as a nation remain obedient also this time around, they will become victims of another genocide, of a “genocide number 3”. The “World War 1 and 2” being the “genocide number 1” and “the genocide number 2”. And this time around, it will a true “Final Solution” for the German people.

Avira twits disinformation injected by The New York Times, a fake news and a part of a “psychological operation”. Tha attack against the NSA by the propaganda ministry and the CIA is explained by the paradoxical fact that the NSA is “the resistance” to the hybrid occupation of the US. Thus, the question is if Avira and anti-virus industry are smart enough to understand where the danger comes from. It looks that the anti-virus companies are as easily manipulated as the dumbest of their customers, the easy victims of phishing attacks.

More on the stupid European populace and the psychopathic, suicidal European bureaucracy:

Also note, that Financial Times, cited above, is another fake news media. It injects coordinated disinformation​ together with the rest of the Global Propaganda Ministry, controlled from London​. It is important to understand, notably for the people at the anti-virus company Avira. Because they keep the fake news sources and their disinformation.