Survival Rule: The United States of America lives under a hybrid occupation.

The healthy forces in the United States are struggling to understand the key fact: their country lives under a hybrid occupation, which today amounts to a chaos, lawlessness and an extreme sabotage of the psychopathic, collaborator bureaucracy.

A comment to a discussion between Dark Journalist and Catherine Austin-Fitts.

17:38 Dark Journalist: “What’s the real secret behind the Congress not being interested in border security?” The answer and a Survival Rule: The United State has been living under a hybrid occupation for many decades. The majority of the Congress, the Senate, and almost the entire bureaucracy are SABOTEURS. Their only activities are acts of sabotage, ordered by the hybrid occupation. Note: the occupant is a “Covert World Government” that sits in London.

There is no “Empire” or “Establishment”, as Catherine Austin-Fitts continues to believe. There are only crazy saboteurs et collaborators, there is monopolistic business, lead by dumb figureheads, like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. The population of the United States is being actively genocided by food and water poisoning​, by multiple other “Opium wars” against it.
Also note that the population of the USA is used as a source of canon meat in multiple​ wars around the world. The US budget is used as pretext to do a monetary emission of trillions of dollars, which are lately mostly diverted by the hybrid occupant for its own use.