How the Globalists rule the world.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: “Mr. Global’s government system remains a mystery”.
Analysis: No, not really. The control system put in place by the Globalists-Genocidalists is as follows:

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1. Behind the term “Globalists”, there is a Multi-generational Genocidal and Suicidal Cult. It has a “politburo” at its core. It is based in London.

2. Below the “politburo”, there is a “Central Committee”, a larger group of people. Brzezinski and Kissinger are likely members of the “Central Committee”.

3. The “Politburo” and the “Central Committee” control a vast network of foundations and think-tanks, where the practical policies are developed.

4. The policies developed by the foundations are passed to the saboteur bureaucracies. There is also a day-to-day direct control, an “External Rule”. This day-to-day control is conducted through a network of “control centers” hidden in the Globalists foundations. These “control centers” pass daily orders to the bureaucratic bodies that they supervise.

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5. The CIA, the US State Department, and to a lesser degree, all other intelligence agencies and foreign ministries in the countries subdued by the Globalists.


The “CIA” and the “US State Department” are malign bureaucratic factions used as instruments of the covert occupation of the USA. Their goal is to create an Orwellian Russia-Eurasia with a lobotomized remotely controlled patsy Putin at the head.

6. The entire bureaucratic apparatus of all the countries with European populations, the bureaucratic apparatus of all the other countries to different degrees. There are only a few exceptions. The worst yoke is in the countries with European population. The bureaucracies there are the most sadistic and zealot collaborators in the genocide of their own people and themselves.
The international bureaucratic bodies, like the UN, the EU, etc.

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7. The corporate bureaucracies and the figurehead “oligarchs”.

8. The Worldwide Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation.

9. Hundreds of thousands of trolls, bloggers, etc.

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10. Dumb generals and their armed forces. Hybrid armies, or the “cheap cannon meat”, like “ISIS” or the “pro-Russian” canon meat in the occupied enclave in the Eastern Ukraine.

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11. The stupid and docile populace, up to 90% of the population, who re-elects the genocidal politicians, lives in symbiosis with the psychopathic and sadistic bureaucracy, collaborates and participates in its own genocide.

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It is quite easy to uncover and to bust the entire network. Indeed, there are DAILY intense communications between the media and their “control centers”, between the specific bureaucratic bodies.
The NSA can break in the communication, uncover the chain of communication and the chain of command. Intelligence and law enforcement bodies in each country can seize the emails and other communications in their own countries, assist to other friendly nations. The structure of the Globalist saboteur network will become obvious without problems.
The archives are the most important. The key documents may not exist in digital form. But the place where they are can be determined. The methods of operation of the London’s Globalists are described in the archives. Many of these methods are quite old and have been used for centuries. Example: “how to limit an absolute power of a monarch or a president by a threat of assassination”. This was used against the tzars of the Russian Empire, is used against the US today and was used in the past.
Another example regards the current controlled war between Russia and Ukraine. The presidents of both Ukraine and Russia are controlled by the London’s Globalists. The orders go mainly through “the presidential administrations” in these countries. Thus, the decision to annex Crimea was a direct order to Putin from London’s Globalists. It was announced by Putin himself, and it was a surprise to the Russian Security Council and the cabinet. The annexation of Crimea was a remake of the annexation of Austria by Hitler. Thus, the decision to annex Austria by Hitler was his personal decision and was a surprise to his cabinet. Carroll Quigley describes it in “Tragedy and Hope”:

“The invasion of Austria as early as March 12, 1938, and the immediate annexation of Austria were a pleasant surprise, even for the Nazi leaders in Germany, and arose from several unexpectedly favorable circumstances. Accordingly, the decision to invade was not made before March 10, 1938, and even then was conditional, while the decision to annex was not made until noon on March 12th by Hitler personally and was unknown to both Ribbentrop and Göring as late as 10:30 P.M. On March 12th.”

Quigley's “Tragedy & Hope”and

Quigley’s “Tragedy & Hope”and “Putin The Savior”.

The annexation of Crimea, the sabotage of Ukraine, are not the only elements of the World War 2, that are undergoing a remake. The entire horror, the genocide of the Europeans are to be repeated again. Our best chance to survive is to bust the Globalists’ control structure now, not to wait until the nukes are used to annihilate the US, Europe, Russia, China.

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The task is not that difficult. Apart from the “Politburo”, the rest of the Globalists, even their “Inner Party”, starting from Brzezinski and Kissinger, are mostly weak individuals without ideology. They will immediately betray their masters.