Who are “The Globalists”?

This is a short extract from a larger post on the CIA undercover, pseudo-alternative propaganda whore David Steele.

The “Globalists” here are the London “politburo”, the “control center” in London, the foundations and the think tanks under the “control center”, the saboteur and collaborator management of most of the large multinational corporations, and the saboteur US bureaucracy, or “the state”. Again, not “the Deep State”, as in the meme that the disinformation networks inject, but “the state”, the entire bureaucracy.

Another citation from an article on Putin, the mole of the Globalists.

The Covert Global Fascist State

The “New World Order” is also known as the “Globalism”. The organization behind it is often called the “Globalists”. My definition of this organization is “The Covert Global Fascist State”.

“The Covert Global Fascist State” is “Covert” because the True Rulers protect themselves by secrecy, by anonymity, and expose only appointed patsies both to the public anger and admiration.

A Survival Rule: Obama, Putin, Merkel, Ukraine’s Poroshenko and most of the other leaders of the countries with European population ARE LOBOTOMIZED PATSIES.

The “Covert Rule” was suggested by Plato in the “Republic”. And it is being used together with several other of his suggestions. The advantage of the “Covert Rule” is that it is impossible to strike back against the Rulers. Indeed, it is not not clear who they are and where they are.

The Covert Global Fascist State is “Global” because it implements a global agenda and to a large degree already rules the entire planet.

The Covert Global Fascist State is “Fascist” because there is a collision between the Big Business and the State. Thus, the dominant search engine Google serves you propaganda disguised as search results.

The Covert Global Fascist State is a “State” because it has subdued national psychopathic bureaucracies, it has subdued national repressive apparatus, uses them as instruments, and thus has and exercises the real power.

The Covert Global Fascist State controls the propaganda in most of the countries with European population. It is through propaganda that The Covert Global Fascist State manifests itself in a visible manner.