Dutch elections 2017: a spectacular 40% increase in the number of votes cast for Geert Wilders’ party. …but Wilders himself hides it?

If we believe the data from the wikielections.com, Geert Wilders’ party got a spectacular increase in the total number of votes, a 40% increase, or 404’000 votes more than in 2012.
Here is the calculation (based on data available as of March 17, 2017):
Wilders’ % of votes(12.9%)*Turnout(81%)*Total number of voters(12’689’810)=
12.9%*12,689,810*81%=1’325’958 of votes cast for Geert Wilders’ party in 2017.

In 2012, Geert Wilders’ party got 950’000 votes. The increase is, therefore, 404’000 or 40%.
Now, why Geert Wilders DOES NOT talk about it? Is Geert Wilders incapable of understanding the elections results? Is Geert Wilders compromised, just as Mary Le Pen in France, as Nigel Farage in the UK, as Norbert Hofer in Austria?


Also, note the disinformation coverage by media. The party of the Globalists’ patsy Rutte in 2017 got 20.4%*12,689,810*81%=2’097’864 of votes. This is a spectacular loss of 408 thousand votes in comparison to the 2012 elections.
Still, all the saboteur media show pictures of a smiling Rutte, present him as a “winner”, and say Wilders underperformed.

Dutch elections and the disinformation by the media: despite a spectacular loss of 408 thousand votes in comparison to the 2012 elections, the Globalist patsy Rutte is presented as a smiling “winner”, and Wilders is said to underperform.

The total number of votes is the most important number. Also, the percentage of the total number of voters is important. One of the elements of the election fraud in the West today consists in under-reporting on the total number of votes, on participation.
Now, another key data, is how many of the total Dutch voters vote for the anti-immigration, and thus ANTI-GENOCIDE party? In 2017, we have 12.9%*81% (votes obtained by Geert Wilders * participation) = 10%.
In 2012, Geert Wilders’ party got 10%*74%=7.5%.
Thus, no more than 10% of the stupid Dutch populace vote against the immigration, against the islamisation, against the population replacement, against their own slow genocide. This proportion is the same for the stupid populace all over the world.

Only 10% of the population have intellect, are capable of logical thinking. 90% are idiots. They have no intellect. They are the “proles” and their proportion is that which was described by George Orwell.

It is not hope, but PERIL for our civilization, that lies in the proles. Rephrasing George Orwell:

It is not hope, but PERIL for our civilization, that lies in the proles. Rephrasing George Orwell: ““If there is PERIL for our civilization, it lies in the PROLES.” Only 17% of all voters in London voted AGAINST a pseudo-muslim PR-actor Khan, who symbolizes brainwashing and oppression.

Another conclusion is that we all are doomed, we all will be genocided if the general election system continues to exist.
Also, given the total misunderstanding in the comments here, I need to repeat the following:

“Survival Rule”: the enemy is the saboteur genocidal European bureaucracy and not the afro-muslim migrants.

Another “Survival Rule”: there are no “muslims”, it is a fake. Hordes of the brown-skinned third world lumpen proletarians are imported into Europe, but these proletarians are NOT muslims. The brown-skinned third world lumpen proletarians have no religion and they are not interested in religion. Religion implies a life according to some moral rules and this is in direct conflict with the utterly immoral nature of the lumpen proletarian.