RT.com: “Vaccines don’t cause autism, complications extremely rare”.

Tim Kelly believes in “Putin The Savior”. In one of his recent podcasts with another “Putin Personality Cult” worshiper, Jay Dyer, Tim Kelly said something like this: “Russia Today may have been the only place that would report on vaccines”. The context was that now Trump tweets about it and there is a public discussion. But before, only the media of the “Putin The Savior of the Christiandome, of the Western and Eastern civilizations and of churches, and of cultures and of blah, blah, blah” would report and protect the American populace from the nasty Globalists and the “Deep State”.

Dumb alternative media psyoped into worshiping of a

Dumb alternative media psyoped into worshiping of a “Manchurian Candidate” Putin.

OK, let’s check that. One way to do that is to go to the Twitter website and to do the search for the user @RT_com and the keyword “vaccines”. The results are below. RT.com “reports” exactly the same disinformation on vaccines as do the “Pravdas of the CIA” like The Washington Post or The New York Times. These results are no surprise to anybody who has common sense and does not mindlessly parrot disinformation.

Note: Ebola is another fake, a psyop by the CDC, or “the medical CIA”, as Jon Rappoport calls it. We don’t hear about Ebola anymore. Also, ​note that “the picture of Ebola” in the tweet of the Russia Today is a picture of a worm. A virus looks different on the electron​ microscope images. The “Ebola fake” is so lame that they even used a picture of a warm instead of a virus. According to Dr. Jennifer Daniels (look her up), such a warm exists indeed in Africa and does indeed cause hemorrhage. But it is not an epidemic.

HIV = another psyop. Half of the people in Africa should have been dead by now. But the population there doubles every 5 years. A record in human history. And most of the Africans look quite healthy.

Cash cows for the pharma mafia, also dangerous and ineffective, the flue vaccines.

Why does “Russia Today” parrot the propaganda of the Globalists controlled US media? Because, as I argued numerous times, Russia Today is controlled by the CIA, by the Globalists, just as Deutsche Welle is, or as other Western state-owned media.

So, how come “Putin The Savior” allows a media that the Russian state finances with an annual budget of $400mln to be controlled by the CIA and the Globalists? Well, the answer is because “Putin The Savoir” is not a savior, but a mole, a Globalists mole, recruited in the 1980-1990s in Germany, and placed at the head of the Russian state by the alcoholic Russian president Yeltsin.