A review of the following Tim Kelly’s podcast with Ole Dammegard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN5v1rjYpgU

Ole Dammegard: “They” do not think much of the rest of us”. Analysis: “They” are right. Look at Sweden: the stupid populace keeps re-electing the same psychopathic and genocidal bureaucracy which is euthanizing Swedish population, culture, the Swedish state and themselves. What is going on in the heads of the Swedish bureaucracy and “politicians”? It is clear that they are utter genocidal and suicidal psychopaths. At least Nazis planned to win. The today’s Swedish Euthanasia-Nazis have no such plans. They are zealots in preparing their own destruction. And the situation is the same in Germany, in Switzerland, in France, in Netherland, everywhere. Everywhere, we have the same stupid populace who re-elects the psychopaths and who never rebels, and the same suicidal and genocidal psychopathic bureaucracy.
There were no assassinations such as with Olaf Palme in Switzerland, for instance. But the level of sabotage there is the same as in Sweden and in Germany. Though Switzerland lags behind in a mad self-destruction.
Olaf Palme’s murder was a public sacrifice. Ole Dammegard overestimates its importance. Sweden embraced “Oligarchical Socialism” well before the assassination. And continued it to this day. Most of the Swedes are dumbed down docile creatures. Any bureaucracy is psychopathic in its nature. The Swedish bureaucracy may be more zealot than the other psychopath bureaucracies but not by much.
The thesis of Ole Dammegard that “a very small number of rogue special operation people conduct murders worldwide” is also a mistake. The “Globalists” subdued the bureaucracies and the repressive apparatus in most of the countries. And the murders in all the countries are conducted by the target country’s own police or intelligence agencies. Dozens and hundreds of activists and prominent figures are killed all over the world. Look at the assassination of the activist Lavoy Finnicum in the US. He was murdered by the FBI basically “live”, on camera. And there is no prosecution, no consequences for the murderers.
There is no need to have a special secret team to do the hits. Members of the police and of the intelligence agencies are easily recruited for doing the assassinations. That is their nature. And the rest of the police and the intelligence agencies participate in covering up the assassinations. That is the nature of the people. Survival Rule: People are worst than what any animal can be. Very few “of us” are mature rational and therefore moral humans. The “Globalists”, the “Genocidal London Cult”, the true rulers of the world, win because they build their actions on that premise.