How the stupid and immoral populace, “the proles”, betray their Motherland. The example of the occupied Crimea in Ukraine.

Orwellian Proles, who form up to 90% of the population, are idiots. In any country. The occupation government and saboteur bureaucracy are in symbiosis with the proles, with the masses, with the idiots. I am from Ukraine. During the heavy fighting in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, just as their compatriots were killed, robbed, tortured, the populace in Crimea lined up to take the occupant’s passports. 98% did take, though they could refuse it. They also could leave the occupied Crimea. They still can leave at any moment. Notably, those who descend from the victims of Stalin’s famine, i.e. the ethnic Ukrainians, and Stalin’s deportation, i.e. the ethnic Tartars, who together form 40% of the population in Crimea, also did take passports of the Russian occupant. As George Orwell described it, they, the Crimean populace, accepted the new master immediately.

In the US, according to the ideologist Allan Watt from, only 4% participated in the American revolution. These 4% are The People. The other 96% are less so. They are more or less the Orwellian proles. The proles are idiots and many of them are psychopaths.

It is not hope, but PERIL for our civilization, that lies in the proles. Rephrasing George Orwell:

It is not hope, but PERIL for our civilization, that lies in the proles. Rephrasing George Orwell: ““If there is PERIL for our civilization, it lies in the PROLES.” Only 17% of all voters in London voted AGAINST a pseudo-muslim PR-actor Khan, who symbolizes brainwashing and oppression.

The Orwellian “Outer Party” includes the government bureaucracy, the corporate bureaucracy and the “parallel bureaucracy” or the ONGs and the “think tanks”. The “Outer Party” is almost entirely composed of “double-thinkers” (both 2+2=4 and 2+2=5 are correct statements for them). They are also psychopaths to a larger degree than the dumber regular proles.
Your statement that the current bureaucracy and leadership in the USA are an occupation administration is correct. My take on that is in the following article, where I described “The Covert Global Fascist State”: