Russia: an on-going slow putsch of the “merger with the West” faction against Putin, a mole of the “Globalists”.

August 20, 2016. An introduction by The New Neandertalien.

Anders Aslund spends most of his time as a banal propaganda troll pushing the agenda of the criminal organisation called the International Monetary Fund or pushing other propagandist agendas, the latest being the anti-Trump hysteria. But in reaction to the recent sacking of ” the number 2 man in Russia”, Mr Sergey Ivanov, Aslund came out with 2 articles that contain actual analysis and information.
The main theses of Aslund are as follows: a) there is a strong anti-Putin faction in Kremlin; b) the anti-Putin faction has the majority in Russia’s Security Council, c) Russia’s Security Council is an analogue of the Soviet times Politburo; d) Putin is not quite an authoritarian ruler as propaganda describes him; e) Putin may sooner or later be ousted if he loses in the on going in-fighting; f) Putin’s main support in Russia is the muslim Chechen president Kadyrov, his muslim Chechen militia, and Putin’s bodyguards.
These theses are probably close to the reality. They are in any case helpful in understanding the reality. Indeed, there have always been a strong faction in Russia seeking a “merger with the West” path for Russia. Actually, the “merger with the West” agenda was the rationale behind the dismantling of the former USSR by the KGB and the Kremlin leaders. But in a stealth operation, a mole, a covert agent, named Putin was introduced in the top leadership of Russia in 1997. Putin is a lobotomized, remotely controlled patsy, ready to execute any orders of his handlers. The “merger with the West” faction in Russia, associated with the Russian internal security agency FSB, was slow to identify Putin as a mole. It was also slow and ineffective in counteracting Putin. However, there have always been strong relations between the Russian “merger with the West” or “FSB” faction and some factions in the US intelligence community. Both the United States and Russia became victims of a covert slow putsch or a covert “coup d’etat” as a US idologist Catherine Austin Fitts calls it. In both cases, it was the “Globalists” who took over. “Globalists” is a term used by Donald Trump to describe “them”. The term “Globalists” was probably coined by another US ideologist Joel Skousen. My definition of “Globalists” is harsher and better reflects the reality of this phenomenon. The “Globalists” should be called “The Covert Global Fascist State”. I put a link to another article where I give a the definition of this “Covert Global Fascist State”.
I argued before that the success of Trump so far, and the entire US elections, should be understood as a counter coup of “The Resistance” against the current puppet “Regime of Internal Occupation”, i.e. the current Democrat Adminstration, which was installed and is controlled by The Covert Global Fascist State. Trump himself recently stated it quite clearly: “we are fighting for a peaceful regime change in our own country”.
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“The Resistance” includes the majority factions of the NSA (Evidence: Assange, Wikileaks, is an NSA operation), FBI (Evidence: Director Comey’s unfinished investigation against Hilary), the US Military (Evidence: their support of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, support of Ukraine with delivery of battlefield radars). It looks like “The Resistance” faction in the US sent signals that it is the time to act to their allies in “the merger with the West” or the “FSB” faction in Russia. And the “merger with the West” faction started to act.
Thus, there is evidence from other sources that the “FSB faction” has been advancing against Putin.
One interesting evidence was published on August 17, 2016, by a website “Blog of Oleg Yarchuk” that publishes alleged intercepts of reports of the Russian military in East Ukraine. This August 17, 2016, entry claimed that “all the units of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine are transferred to the direct control of the FSB”. Also, the function of the “barrier troops” or “anti-retreat troops” were taken over by the FSB controlled Russian Border Troops. The Russian Interior Ministry troops that were previously used as “anti-retreat troops” were withdrawn from Ukraine.
Another evidence is a series of arrests of the prominent corrupt figures of the previous regime of Mr Yanukovich. The arrests are conducted by the recently appointed General prosecutor Mr. Yuriy Lutsenko. Mr. Lutsenko himself is a controversial politician. After having been a political prisoner during Yanukovitch regime, Mr. Lutsenko joined the current president of Ukraine, Mr. Poroshenko, a saboteur. Mr. Lutsenko was even the leader of Poroshenko’s party group in the Ukrainian parliament, the Rada. But after Mr. Lutsenko was appointed to the position of General Prosecutor of Ukraine, he started a series of arrests of the key figures of the previous regime on charges of corruption and treason. These arrests are a striking difference with the previous practice of a quasi-total impunity for the corrupt bureaucracy and crony businessmen.
A Survival Rule: corruption is a deliberate colonial policy intended to eradicate indigenous productive class.
Here is an example: Head of Ukraine’s central electoral committee Mr Okhendovsky lives in a palace that Rothschilds would envy. He is a bureaucrat since 2002 and never earned enough to build a palace like this. He was appointed by the previous government of Mr. Yanukovich and kept his position in the current regime of Mr. Poroshenko.
During the first two and a half years of the current regime in Ukraine, NOBODY of the previous regime was prosecuted. In a couple of cases the charges were later dropped. It looked like all the saboteur cadres of the previous regime of Mr. Yanukovich were kept in reserve for a redux of the stealth operation “Maidan-2” that did not quite reach its goals in February 2014. In fact, the stealth operation “Maidan-2” in winter 2013-2014 had to split Ukraine in two parts, Western and Eastern. Those two parts later had to go at war against each other. It was already a second attempt to split Ukraine in two. The first took place in 2005, after the “Maidan-1”, when a “separatist convention” was gathered in the city Severo-Donetsk. That attempt went nowhere. In February 2014, after the “Maindan-2”, a “separatist convention” was gathered again in the city Kharkiv. Mr. Yanukovich escaped from the capital city Kyiv to Kharkiv. The plan was that Mr. Yanukovich would announce the creation of an “Eastern Ukraine” at the “separatist convention”. But Mr. Yanukovich and his ruling faction learned about “the plan” only in the last moment. In fact, the operatives of the Covert Global Fascist State have their signature mode of operation which consists in manipulation of different figures and factions. The patsies never know what the final plan is. The same manipulation was used against Mr. Yanukovich and his ruling faction. Thus, Mr. Yanukovich only learned about “the plan” to create an “Eastern Ukraine Bantustan” when he arrived in Kharkiv. Being in a poor psychological state, Mr. Yanukovich refused and simply ran to Russia. It was a glitch.
The attack of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Mr. Lutsenko against the cadres of the previous regime, or the separatist reserve kept for the next attempt to split Ukraine in two, can therefore be considered as a counter measure. The attack of Mr. Lutsenko is so bold that he became the most prominent corruption fighter since Ukraine REGAINED its independence in 1991. Usually, such bold actions are not undertaken by a single political figure. Especially in Ukraine. Mr. Lutsenko must have a supporting faction. But it is hard to identify a determined faction in Ukraine that would meet the requirements. We may suppose therefore that the support to Mr. Lutsenko comes from the “Merger with the West” faction in Russia. Indeed, there were rumors of Mr. Lutsenko’s connections to Russia.
The most important evidence of a fierce in-fighting between the mole Putin and the FSB-faction is the sudden warlike rhetoric of both Putin and Poroshenko. And an echo of it by the worldwide propaganda machine. This propaganda machine is controlled by the Covert Global Fascist State. Therefore, anything that is injected by the worldwide propaganda is sanctioned by the Covert Global Fascist State.
Mr. Poroshenko is a confused pathological liar and an idiot. He is a diabetic and may suffer from a form of diabetic dementia. Mr. Poroshenko is incoherent most of the time and often outright ridiculous. Mr. Poroshenko is a Jew. His father’s name was Waltsman. The old Waltsman changed his name after he was imprisoned during Soviet times for embezzlement. The young Waltsman, Mr. Poroshenko, is such an extreme idiot that he could have never built any business, let alone become an “oligarch”. It looks like the old Waltsman met some people in prison and was later appointed to manage assets of some criminal syndicate. The young Waltsman, Mr. Poroshenko, has been around in the Ukrainian politics forever. He held different offices or was a member of parliament in all the previous regimes and changed multiple political parties. He even was one of the founders of the Party of Regions of Mr. Yanukovich. To this day, Mr. Poroshenko has a multi million dollar business in Russia. He never sold it though the Constitution requires to sell assets even in Ukraine, let alone the aggressor country.
Mr. Poroshenko is a saboteur and a war criminal. Mr. Poroshenko committed multiple war crimes against his own Ukrainian army. Thus, the “Minsk Agreements” have never been signed by any Ukrainian official and have never been ratified by the Ukrainian parliament, as the Constitution requires it. Despite that, the saboteur Ukrainian generals and officers use the pretext of “Minsk agreements” to forbid the use of artillery to Ukrainian troops, allow daily unpunished bombardment of Ukrainian positions by the Russian artillery. For a long time I could not understand how Mr. Poroshenko can simultaneously sabotage Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian state, acting as a Kremlin mole, and at the same time sabotage the Ukrainian state in favor of different fetishes of the US State Department. One of the most flagrant and absurd acts of Mr. Poroshenko is his plans “to give Crimea to Tartars”. Crimean Tartars are a muslim ethnic group, 0.3% of Ukrainian population, 12% in Crimea. In 1944, Stalin deported them to Central Asia. They were allowed to return to Crimea after Ukraine regained independence in 1991. There is a sham representation organ for Tartars, called Medjlis. From its inception and for the 23 years already, the Medjlis has been run by a high ranked Soviet times ex-Communist Mr. Chubarov. He is an obvious KGB agent. “Give Crimea to muslim Tartars” is a part of the global muslim fetish of the Covert Global Fascist State. The muslim fetish means that everywhere there is an indigenous European population, that population should be replaced by muslims. “Giving Crimea to muslim Tartars” is even more absurd after 2014, because 98% of them betrayed Ukraine. As the rest of the Crimean population, including 25% of ethnic Ukrainians, the “Tartars” took Russian passports. They were queuing to get a passport in summer and autumn of 2014, when there were haviest fighting in Eastern Ukraine, when their countrymen were killed, robbed, tortured. Anybody could and can live Crimea at any time, anybody could keep Ukrainian citizenship. But the populace preferred to betray. The main reason for betrayal were somewhat higher salaries in the public sector in Russia.
A Survival Rule: the problem with our political system is not an imaginary tiny minority of “evil oligarchs” or “evil psychopaths”, but the stupid and immoral populace, the proles, the 85% or even 90% of the population, Who are THE TRUE PSYCHOPATHS.

The election of Mr. Poroshenko in 2014 was another illustration of the idiotic and psychopathic nature of the populace. Thus, Mr. Poroshenko was never particularly popular as politician. But in a stunt, in several weeks, he became the favorite of the masses and got 54% of the votes. Different mind control techniques were used. The media, the rumors. But the key element may have been the blunt lie of the presidential candidate Poroshenko, who promised to finished the war with Russia within days or even hours. The populace loved this obvious lie and voted for Poroshenko. It is likely that internal polls showed that “finishing war in day or even hours” was the most attractive electoral promise for the populace. And the handlers of Mr. Poroshenko acted on it. It worked.

The behavior of Mr. Poroshenko becomes logical if we consider him to be a Ukrainian equivalent of Mr. Putin, i.e. a mole of the Covert Global Fascist State. And the US State Department, the CIA and the current Democrat Administration are tools, instruments of the Covert Global Fascist State.

For the two and a half years, Mr. Poroshenko refused to declare that Ukraine was in a state of war. Ukrainian Constitution specifically forbids any change to the Constitution during a wartime in Ukraine. And the US State Department has been insisting on changing the Ukrainian Constitution to make permanent the separatists status of Eastern Ukraine. Constitution change is by the way another fetish of the Covert Global Fascist State (A Survival Rule). But over the sudden, on August 18, 2016, Poroshenko threatened to declare the state of war. He therefore followed the warlike rhetoric of Mr. Putin. Also note, that the idiots in the Ukrainian parliament, voted an update to the law on “the state of war” which states that the fire arms are to be confiscated.

Survival Rule: everything applied in one of the bantustans subdued by the Covert Global Fascist State, for example a confiscation of firearms if a state of war is declared, will also be applied in all the other subdued bantustans.

Earlier, on August 5, 2016, well before the sacking of Mr. Ivanov by Putin in Russia, another Ukrainian saboteur bureaucrat and war criminal, another mole of the “Globalists”, Mr. Turchinov, the head of Ukraine’s Security Council, suddenly came out to announce “new threats from Russia” and scenarios of Ukraine’s surrender.

We can conclude therefore that Kremlinology style analysis of Aslund is valid. There is evidence from multiple sources of a slow putsch against Putin in Russia. Putin’s position is shaky and the battle for his survival also involves Ukraine.

The article of Aslund is below.

Why We Need Kremlinology Again

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Published on: August 18, 2016

Russia Watch
Why We Need Kremlinology Again by Anders Åslund

The increasing opacity of Russian politics has opened a window of opportunity for Kremlinology to make a comeback. Many people ridicule the field of study as little more than reading tea leaves, but it can be a helpful analytical tool when done properly.
dictionary definition of Kremlinology is “the study of the policies and practices of the former Soviet government” (Merriam-Webster), rendering it synonymous with Sovietology. The Urban Dictionary offers a more relevant definition: “The art of observing, deducing, and guessing what is really happening within a secretive organization.”I see Kremlinology as the formalized study of hard facts in a closed society, observing appointments, organization, decrees, and formal speeches. Kremlinology has no role in an open society, but Russia today is no open society, though it is far from Soviet. The Kremlin offers plenty of information today, notably through President Vladimir Putin’s magnificent website, of which Steve Lee Myers has made eminent use in his book The New Tsar, but disinformation thrives as never before, best illustrated by Peter Pomerantsev.In Stalin’s time, the world usually learned about ousters from the semiannual reviews at the Lenin Mausoleum on November 7 and May 1; Soviet newspapers published photos of the whole party elite on these occasions, providing a meticulous documentation of their ranking. Wondering how it was done, I attended an official reception of Prime Minister Nikolai Ryzhkov in 1987. When Ryzhkov arrived, the senior officials swiftly arranged themselves into their correct protocol positions. Protocol matters in closed hierarchical states, which Kremlinology utilizes.Today, the Kremlin publishes multiple photos from top-level meetings, and it matters who attends and where they sit. When Putin gathered his Economic Council on May 25, liberal Alexei Kudrin sat far down the table, in a lower spot than hardline adviser Sergei Glaziev. Thus, Kudrin was getting nowhere. No Western journalist noted that fact at the time. Since December 2011, Ivanov always sat closest to Putin, showing that he was number two in the Kremlin, a fact which was also ignored.A common view is that Putin is a full-fledged dictator, but that is a simplistic view. It matters which bodies are important and how they interact. At present, the Security Council is the real Politburo, the most senior body that meets regularly in a small closed circle chaired by Putin.Stunningly, Putin does not control its composition. On April 5, he appointed his favorite former chief bodyguard General Viktor Zolotov, the newly-appointed commander of the new powerful National Guard, as a permanent member of the Security Council, but on April 11 another presidential decree demoted him to a mere member, of whom there are dozens, telling us that Putin was unable to defend him.After Ivanov had been sacked as Chief of Staff, he stayed on the Security Council. Putin only removed the long-retired Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev from the Security Council and replaced him with his new Chief of Staff Anton Vaino. Thus, by means of Kremlinology—by studying organizations and appointments and not relying on any “inside” information—we could surmise that the Security Council could oust Putin.Since April, Russia has seen a major rivalry between the country’s many security services through reorganizations and well-publicized arrests of high-level officials. One side is the FSB, the bulk of the old KGB, and the SVR (the foreign intelligence agency), while their opponents are the FSO (the Presidential Guard), the New National Guard, and Putin’s favorite Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. The Ministry of Defense may be an independent player.Through his radical reorganizations, Putin has showed his preference for the FSO, the National Guard, and Kadyrov. But the opposite, FSB side dominates the 12-member Security Council: Ivanov, National Security Secretary Nikolay Patrushev, FSB Chair Alexander Bortnikov, and SVR chief Mikhail Fradkov. Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev must not like getting his best parts taken away, and Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin is identified with the other KGB generals. Putin needs to change either the composition of the Security Council fast or make it unimportant, as Mikhail Gorbachev did with the Politburo. Otherwise Putin will sooner or later be ousted. As Talleyrand stated: “You can do anything you like with bayonets except to sit on them.” The Security Council should be front and center in current analysis of Russian politics, but analysts tend to ignore it.What we ought to be ignoring, rather, is the official propaganda. On August 11, both Ivanov and Putin said that Ivanov had asked to leave after four years. Really? It was as obvious a lie as when Putin in September 2011 claimed that he and Medvedev had agreed four years earlier that Putin would return as President. The sacking of Ivanov came as a complete surprise to all, apart from us Kremlinologists, who saw this serious tension at the heart of the Kremlin, which became evident at the time of the murder of Boris Nemtsov at the Kremlin wall on February 27, 2015. Similarly, we ought to ignore the more or less official Kremlin propagandists. They are only interesting as generators of Kremlin disinformation. Remember how the Brezhnev Kremlin warned about hardliners who would take over if he were ousted, or how nice a liberal reformer Yuriy Andropov was? Kremlinology is a sound counterpoise to disinformation.

Anders Åslund is a senior fellow of the Atlantic Council.

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Why We Need Kremlinology Again