Google displays the organigram of the Global Propaganda Ministry as search results for “Trump at national convention”

Google displays the organigram of the Global Propaganda Ministry as search results for “Trump at national convention”

The “New World Order” is also known as the “Globalism”. The organization behind it is often called the “Globalists”. My definition of this organization is “The Covert Global Fascist State”.

“The Covert Global Fascist State” is “Covert” because the True Rulers protect themselves by secrecy, by anonymity, and expose only appointed patsies both to the public anger and admiration.

A Survival Rule: Obama, Putin, Merkel, Putin, Ukraine’s Poroshenko and most of the other leaders of the countries with European population ARE LOBOTOMIZED PATSIES.

The “Covert Rule” was suggested by Plato in the “Republic”. And it is being used together with several other of his suggestions. The advantage of the “Covert Rule” is that it is impossible to strike back against the Rulers. Indeed, it is not ​clear who they are and where they are.

The Covert Global Fascist State is “Global” because it implements a global agenda and to a large degree already rules the entire planet.

The Covert Global Fascist State is “Fascist” because there is a collision between the Big Business and the State. Thus, the dominant search engine Google serves you propaganda disguised as search results.

The Covert Global Fascist State is a “State” because it has subdued national psychopathic bureaucracies, it has subdued national repressive apparatus, uses them as instruments, and thus has and exercises the real power.

The Covert Global Fascist State controls the propaganda in most of the countries with European population. It is through propaganda that The Covert Global Fascist State manifests itself in a visible manner.

A Survival Rule: Those who control the propaganda are the True Rulers of a country.


The “Father of Propaganda” Bernays: “those who manipulate this unseen mechanism (the conscious manipulation of the masses) constitute the invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

How can we conclude that the sites listed by Google belong to the Propaganda Ministry of The Covert Global Fascist State?

The key fact that leads to this conclusion is that almost all the media around the world, from Swiss public TV and media, to media outlets financed by pro-Kremlin “oligarchs” in Ukraine, slavishly retransmit​ the obvious disinformation that originates:  a) in The Guardian and Reuters or by the rest of the London based disinformation cluster, and  b) in the different “Pravdas of the CIA”, of which The Washington Post has been the leader lately. “The Pravdas of the CIA” are financed by the US “oligarch”, or by the figureheads at the head of monopolistic or parasitic businesses. Thus, the New York Times is financed by Carlos Slims, a “Mexican” telecommunication oligarch. The Washington Post is financed by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. The “Pravdas of the CIA” form the US based disinformation cluster.

Jeff Bezos, a US “oligarch”, finances different propaganda and disinformation outlets, where “The New York Times” and “Amazon Studios” are the key assets. He is financing and anti-American, anti-Western, anti-humanist agenda of The Covert Global Fascist State.


Most of what is retranslated by public and private media in different countries is DISINFORMATION and PROPAGANDA. Such dissemination of propaganda and disinformation is specifically forbidden by law in most of the countries. Notably in Switzerland, the law on public media, specifically forbids forms of propaganda. Despite of the that the Swiss public media slavishly retransmit disinformation and propaganda, and thus became a criminal organization. The Swiss public media became a criminal organization which a) uses taxpayer money in an illegal manner, for other purposes than prescribed by law, b) takes orders from obscure foreign  based networks, c) works against the national interests and sovereignty of Switzerland.

At the opposite side of the spectrum, in Ukraine, there are the pro-Kremlin “oligarch” sponsored media in Ukraine, as well as some anti-Kremlin “oligarch” sponsored media. All of them, slavishly spread the same disinformation and propaganda that the Swiss public media. The origin of the disinformation in both cases is in the London based and the US based disinformation media clusters.

It is impossible that this synchronous daily injection of obvious disinformation happens randomly. There is a rigid structure that imposes this.

What we can also see from the Google’s “organigram of The Global Propaganda Ministry” is that the London cluster is higher in the hierarchy than the US based disinformation cluster. The US based cluster being largely the CIA’s propaganda network.  Thus, we have another hint that the “Head Quarter” of The Covert Global Fascist State is in London, and not in the US. That the US is not an “Empire”, but a “colony”, and that the CIA and its whore Google, take orders from London.

We can also conclude that the current agenda of liquidation of sovereign states, imposed everywhere, and notably in Switzerland, in the US, in Ukraine, originates from London, from the Head Quarters of The Covert Global Fascist State. The bureaucratic and repressive apparatus in all the countries cited above as examples is a)psychopathic, b)collaborating in the destruction of its own country and itself. And thus, the saboteur bureaucratic and repressive apparatus is the main threat to the Free World and the survival of the Earth’s population.