Quigley’s “Tragedy & Hope” and “Putin The Savior”.


This episode of Tim Kelly’s podcast “Our Interesting Times” was a good conversation between Jay and Tim about Carroll Quigley’s “Tragedy & Hope”.

Notably, they mentioned several important phenomena:
– Kelly mentioned this and I develop: The US population is a victim of “an opium war” of the same nature that the Chinese were subjected to in the 19th century.
– Dyer: “The US is their(Globalists’) tool”. My comment: Jay Dyer, as most of the alternative media, can not fathom that THE SAME IS TRUE FOR RUSSIA today.
– Kelly, Dyer: During the WW2, the British were the first to bomb German cities. The British wanted to provoke a retaliation from the Germans and to have a “war hysteria” among the British populace”. My comment: it is very important. The same Mode of Operation is used today. Exactly for this reason, the “separatists” in East Ukraine regularly bombarded from artillery and mortars the cities that they held. Otherwise, the populace, the proles, would remain indifferent to the war. Just as Orwell described it.
The true nature of the “pro-Russian separatists” in East Ukraine is “an enslaved canon meat”. These are stupid local proles, victims of human trafficking, like prostitutes. At first, the prostitutes “agreed” to work as prostitutes, then “they have no choice” and they get used to it. Exactly the same phenomenon explains the “pro-Russian separatists”: they mindlessly agree to be “separatists”, then they are intimidated and threatened not to leave the “separatist militia”, and they get used to it. The psychological mechanisms that explain the behavior of enslaved prostitutes, “pro-Russian separatists”, and even the behavior of the “anti-Trump protesters” in the US .
The fact that the populace from the occupied territories immediately accepts the authority of the occupying power is described by Orwell. And this is exactly what happened in East Ukraine and in Crimea. Orwell also describes how the populace from the occupied territories is mercilessly used as canon meat by the occupying power. And again, this is exactly what we see in East Ukraine. And it is also the reason why the enclave was surrendered to Russia by the Ukrainian saboteurs – the local populace was needed as a canon meat pool for the Russian occupant.
– Kelly: Stalin and Hitler at a point went their own way and had to be dealt with. In the same style that Saddam had to be dealt with. My comment: this is quite plausible. Note that today, “The Globalists”, “The Controllers” made sure to have total patsies as top leaders: Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Poroshenko in Ukraine, and Putin. Yes, and Putin! This time, for their next genocidal world war, the Globalists want to have totally controlled leader-patsies at the head of all the countries .
– Kelly often attributes mystical and exaggerated powers to “Jews”. My comment: there are now millions of trolls on the Internet and they massively push an anti-Jew agenda. Moreover, this anti-Semitism becomes mainstream in the US. If “Jews” were ruling the world, they would not allow this anti-Semitism. But the “Jews” do not even protest. We do not hear it.
Also, both the president and the prime-minister of Ukraine ARE JEWS. Yet, Ukraine is depicted as a “Nazi” country by all the Western media and Internet trolls. Again, if “Jews” were ruling the world, the most pro-Semitic country in the world, Ukraine, would not be called “Nazi”. More details on that: https://thenewneandertalienen.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/369/
I conclude by pointing out that Dyer and Kelly, despite their rather good understanding of the events and mechanisms, fail to apply this understanding to Russia and Ukraine. For them, Putin is a wise Christian leader leading a wise nation with great tradition. The reality about Putin can be easily discovered. Thus, Putin has been importing MILLIONS of foreign muslims for years: “200 thousands of FOREIGN muslims аrе flash-mobing in the streеts of Moscow” https://thenewneandertalienen.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/369/

UK, US, Europe also used to be “wise, Christian, and with great traditions”, but nothing of this remains. Everywhere, we have a dumb and drugged populace and a bureaucracy that collaborates enthusiastically in the destruction of their own people, countries and themselves.
The New Neandertalien