Hybrid war in East Ukraine: “hybrid” means “sabotage of your own army”

An alleged interception of a report of the Russian army group in East Ukraine describing an attack of a Ukrainian armored vehicle group at a Russian army advanced base camp. (an edited Google Translate)

District locality Debaltsevo, urgently to your request. Place of pre-concentration of a tank unit of the 59th brigade (* separate motorized brigade of the Order of Kutuzov) was located 9 km from the nearest front line. This part of the front line was covered by the first-tier units (*militia of local Ukrainian recruits and some Russian voluntaries). The tank unit had no shelters and trench systems. Military personnel was staying in tents and mobile “Kungs”, right next to the deployed mobile repair shops and mobile storage of fuels and lubricants. Mobile stores of ammunition were situated unacceptably close to the base camp. At the time of the attack, the personnel was engaged with maintenance and repair of equipment. There were no deployed patrols, guard posts were located near the the base camp. The attacking armored group of Ukrainian army was composed of 6 units of armored vehicles, including tanks (presumably “Oplot”) 3 units and armored units with ATGM. According to eyewitnesses, the unit commander was killed in the first minutes of the battle (the body is not found) jumped out of the Kung with a personal handgun. After the volley and the explosion of the mobile storage of fuel, the attacking armored group of Ukrainian army continued firing  for 10-15 minutes, destroying surviving structures and vehicles. During this time, the attackers had sound warning systems (* sirens) turned on. Preliminary data on the unit losses of the 59th brigade: “200”(Killed in action “KIA”) – 8 “300”(Wounded in action “WIA”) -1 (severe), Missing in action “MIA” – 46. The death of the commander and the chief of staff are not confirmed. Destroyed/damaged: 9 units of armored vehicles and 6 units of other vehicles. A unit of “The Internal Affairs Ministry (police)” is conducting a search of the missing personnel.“


Comments by The New Neandertalien:

    • The camp of the Russian army was situated just 9km from the front line. It could have been easily destroyed by Ukrainian artillery. In fact, the entire occupied enclave can be paralyzed within a week by Ukrainian artillery. Thus, the 152mm howitzers D-20 have 30km(40km) range and cover 80% of the occupied by Russia enclave. MRLS “Grad” and “Uragan” have 40km range and cover even more. MRLS “Smerch” have 90km range and cover 100% of the occupied enclave.
      Therefore, the Russian occupied enclave only exists due to a sabotage of the Ukrainian Chief of Stuff, the president and the parliament of Ukraine. This is the essence of the modern “hybrid war” – the war is hybrid if you sabotage your own troops and do not destroy available targets.



    • The MO(mode of operation) of the sabotage of your own troops is something unprecedented and unheard of in Ukrainian history. This sabotage looks like something that the US “exported” in Ukraine. Indeed, the US army has been sabotaged in all the wars since at least the Vietnam war.