A New Maidan in Ukraine: Demands of “The Revolutionary Right Forces” as of 21.02.2016, the full text.


A New Maidan in Ukraine: Demands of “The Revolutionary Right Forces” as of 21.02.2016, the full text.

The ”Revolutionary Right Forces” Press Conference 21.02.2016

Demands read by by Mr. Karmazin, former People’s Deputy of Ukrainian parliament “Rada” (elected 4 times, Head of Judicial Committee, the most active and productive deputy):

Actions plan of the Movement “For the restoration of constitutional order in Ukraine”.

  1. Restoration of the constitutional order in Ukraine and  release of political prisoners.

  2. Immediate resignation of the government and the head of the National Bank of Ukraine. Creation of investigatory committees on the actions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada (parliament) of Ukraine. The prohibition of participation in the high government positions to everyone who occupied such positions in the 10 years as their actions caused great harm to Ukraine.

  3. Introduction of martial law in Lugansk, Donetsk regions and in Crimea.

  4. Separation of positions in government and in business. Transfer control of the assets in possession of high government officials of Ukraine to a public ownership by the Ukrainian state. The assets situated in in Ukraine and those abroad are equally concerned. Or, high officials and businessmen at the same time, have to quit government voluntary.

  5. Immediate resignation of the Secretary of the National Security Council (NN .: M. Turchinov), the Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, resignation of the heads of all law enforcement agencies, and a start of criminal investigation of their activities.

  6. Elections of Ministers based on principles of professionalism and patriotism with a mandatory publication and discussion of candidates’ programs. Election of a new Prime Minister of Ukraine after the public debate during a term of three days.

  7. Building of a Memorial of The Heaven Hundred (N.N.: two years ago, a sadistic killing of some one hundred unarmed protesters was perpetrated by the Ukrainian police and special forces. Two years later, nobody is punished.)

  8. Introduction of an effective mechanism of public control over bureaucracy.

  9. Call of a Constituent Assembly of Ukraine after the victory over the Russian aggressor and a restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. After the victory, because the Article 157 of the Constitution of Ukraine says that while there is a martial law situation in the country, the Constitution can not be changed.

  10. Introduction of an open mechanism for energy tariffs on heating, electricity and other communal services. Ban on energy tariffs increase (N.N.: currently the tariffs are arbitrary with profit margins of 220%-270% on natural gas and electricity respectively). Formation of a supervisory boards of public control over natural monopolies.

  11. Transfer the control of the banks with Russian capital to the Ukrainian state.

  12. Public recognition of “Minsk Agreements” as anti-people, unconstitutional and illegitimate. Transition to the new format of peace settlement of the military conflict on the basis of the Budapest memorandum and with participation of Poland and Turkey (NN.: a call to Turkey is the only big mistake of the demands. Turkey is under control “External Rule”, in the same way as Kremlin. Frontman there is an chaotic clown Erdogan, not unsimilar to Putin. Turkish authorities genocide its own people, the ethnic Kurds (20% of the population) and supports  terrorists in Syria. Turkey does not recognize sanctions against Russia, trades with Russia. There is a Turkish shipline to the occupied Crimea. But bringing Poland to the peace process is on the other hand very good. Poland is living a “revolution from the top”: the elected government, nationalists,  fights for sovereignty against the “External Rule”).

  13. Moratorium on loans from the IMF, World Bank and other financial organizations.

  14. Establishing of a people’s joint stock companies in the domain of natural monopolies.

  15. Creating decent jobs with decent wages as the basis for decent retirement pensions.

  16. Triggering of an impeachment of the President of Ukraine in case of non-compliance with the demands of the Constitution and the Ukrainian people.

  17. Immediate convening a plenary session of the Parliament of Ukraine to review the demands of the people of Ukraine and to stop the faulty policy conducted by the government and the Parliament in the past 2 years.

  18. The State Border Service is to take immediate measures to prevent exit from Ukraine of the members of the Cabinet, of the members of parliament, of the heads of law enforcement agencies and of other central government bodies, as well as exit of the heads of courts and judges; of  family members of all the categories listed above.

  19. The National Bank of Ukraine and all the institutions of state in charge of the financial monitoring are to  stop immediately all transfers to offshore tax Heaven jurisdictions from banks located in Ukraine.

  20. Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine is to resume the supervision duty over the respect of the constitutional rights and freedoms of Ukrainian people and of the Constitution of Ukraine, as it is stipulated in the Article 121 of the Constitution of Ukraine.


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Mr. Karmazin, who is in the organizational comity of The Revolutionary Right Force, The New Maidan movement that started in February 2016, is is one of the most knowledgeable, most active and productive Members of Parliament of all times in Ukraine. A jurist by education, he worked as public prosecutor, as a judge, as a university professor. He was 4 times elected to the Ukrainian Parliament and spent there 20 years in total.

N.N.: Mr. Karmazin is one of the most knowledgeable, most active and productive Members of Parliament of all times in Ukraine. He studied law, worked as a public prosecutor, a judge, as a university professor. He was elected to the Ukrainian Parliament 4 times. For the 1st time in 1994 and spent 20 years as a Member of Parliament. He served as a head of different permanent Parliament Comities, including the Comity on fighting organized crime and corruption, the Judicial Comity and others.

Additional Sources: Mr. Karamazin’s page in Wikipedea (in Ukrainian), the web page of Mr. Karamazin’s political party.