Gold will be confiscated

I came across a very articulate article on the crime syndicate “the One Bank” – “The Catastrophic Threat of Bail-Ins” by Jeff Nielson.

Below is what I liked. My comment is at the end.






The author, who is a seller of gold, concludes: “the only secure form of wealth-preservation is the oldest-and-surest tool for that task: precious metals.”

My comment:

Very articulate. But the gold will be confiscated too. In Greece, you have to declare it starting 01.01.2016 according to a Zerohedge article.
Also, in Ukraine, which is another “template” for what will happen in your countries tomorrow, the proles were activated by psychological warfare into a civil war against own country. Transporting gold in a civil unrest and civil war is impossible.
The author did not mention the true people responsible for the existence of the banking crime syndicate. These are the elected officials, the parliaments. All parliamentarians who voted “for” bails-in, bails-out, etc., should be imprisoned. This will not happen, however, in the current system where the mind controlled majority always votes for the same. The ruling crime syndicate and the mind controlled majority form therefore a kind of a collective inviable organism. This organism is working hard towards its only possible target: self-extinction.