Smoking is the new homosexuality.

Respect diversity! Smoking is the new homosexuality.

Respect diversity! Smoking is the new homosexuality.


One of the definitions of fascism is that it is a merger of government and big business.

What we see today, notably in Hollywood’s output for the masses, is not a merger but rather a take over of Government and Big Business by Propaganda. Propaganda thus became a stand alone entity. Propaganda is no longer controlled by Government but stands above it, controls it, imposes imperatives. Propaganda also controls a lot of Big Business and probably outright owns a share of “The Big Business of Selling Legal and Illegal Drugs to the Cattle-Citizens”. Everybody in Bureaucracy and Big Business willingly became accomplice, auxiliary, complies with Propagandistic Imperatives set by an unknown entity. I call this entity “The Propagandist Cabal”.

This is extremely perverted and sadistic.