Sabotage in Ukraine has somewhat decreased. An update on Ukraine, as of June 2017.

The level of bureaucratic sabotage both in Ukraine and in Russia today is somewhat lower. Putin is partially neutralized. And in Ukraine, authorities are finally acting with some signs of self-interest and self-preservation. This needs to be compared with the level of bureaucratic sabotage in the US and in Europe, where the sabotage is extreme, without any sign of self-preservation and self-interest.

Survival Rule: The United State is living under a hybrid occupation.

Dark Journalist: “What’s the real secret behind the Congress not being interested in border security?” The answer and a Survival Rule: The United State has been living under a hybrid occupation for many decades. The majority of the Congress, the Senate, and almost the entire bureaucracy are SABOTEURS.

How the Globalists rule the world.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: “Mr. Global’s government system remains a mystery”.
Analysis: No, not really. The control system put in place by the Globalists-Genocidalists is as follows:

1. Behind the term “Globalists”, there is a Multi-generational Genocidal and Suicidal Cult. It has a “politburo” at its core. It is based in London.

Who are “The Globalists”?

The “Globalists” here are the London “politburo”, the “control center” in London, the foundations and the think tanks under the “control center”, the saboteur and collaborator management of most of the large multinational corporations, and the saboteur US bureaucracy, or “the state”. Again, not “the Deep State”, as in the meme that the disinformation networks inject, but “the state”, the entire bureaucracy.

Dutch elections 2017: a spectacular 40% increase in the number of votes cast for Geert Wilders’ party. …but Wilders himself hides it?

“1.3 million voters” for Geert Wilders in 2014 vs 950 thousand in 2012. It is a 40% increase. It is a huge victory. So, why Geert Wilders does not celebrate, but “conceded a defeat” instead? Is Geert Wilders compromised? “Vaccines don’t cause autism, complications extremely rare”.

dTim Kelly believes in “Putin The Savior”. In one of his recent podcasts with another “Putin Personality Cult” worshiper, Jay Dyer, Tim Kelly said something like this: “Russia Today may have been the… Continue reading

David Steele is a propaganda whore of the saboteur anti-American CIA.

I need to update my deconstruction of David Steele. Steele is too energetic and too sophisticated. Steele is superior to an intellectually primitive Steve Pieczenik. Steele must be “a double-thinker”, i.e. he both… Continue reading

The war of Russia against Ukraine is a case of the “Controlled Conflict” as it is described by Carroll Quigley, George Orwell, Eustace Mullins.

The war of Russia against Ukraine is a case of the “Controlled Conflict” as it is described by Carroll Quigley, George Orwell, Eustace Mullins.
This is an audio version with Quigley’s description. It is quite obvious that the Russia invasion of Ukraine and the continuing simulacra of war with real deaths and suffering, in all points corresponds to Quigley’s description.
Source: Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope,

Will Donald Trump allow the rape of Haiti to continue? And will Donald Trump allow the rape of Europe, of Ukraine, of Russia to continue?

The situation is the same in Haiti and in Europe, Russia, Ukraine: the occupational regimes installed by the Globalists-Genocidalists are raping and murdering their own population, other populations.


What is going on in the heads of the Swedish bureaucracy and “politicians”? It is clear that they are utter genocidal and suicidal psychopaths. At least Nazis planned to win. The today’s Swedish Euthanasia-Nazis have no such plans. They are zealots in preparing their own destruction. And the situation is the same in Germany, in Switzerland, in France, in Netherland, everywhere. Everywhere, we have the same stupid populace who re-elects the psychopaths and who never rebel, and the same suicidal and genocidal psychopathic bureaucracy.