“Alternative media”: John C. Dvorak, a collaborator of the Propaganda Ministry, is himself “deplatformed” for criticizing 5G.

Dvorak decided to be a rebel. But this will not last for very long. Dvorak will shut up about 5G. And as the majority of the stupid population, Dvorak will be sitting in his hole, collaborating with “The Party”, putting, lying to himself, and hoping that the coming genocide will not touch him. But it will.

David Knight, a leading ideologist in the US, is not smart enough to see that Putin is a “Russian Obama”.

A leading US ideologist David Knight turns into an Idiocracy Prophet when he is worshiping the dumb figurehead Putin, a Russian Obama, and the puppet whose ultimate mission is to order a nuclear strike at the US.

Hybrid war against Ukraine: London directs corrupt “muslim oligarchs” to bribe Ukrainian bureaucrats and to finance hostile propaganda.

Kyiv Post sold by one corrupt criminal "muslim" oligarch to another. While Kyiv Post propagandizes homosexuality, euthanasia and the rest of the standard psychopathic package of the Global Propaganda Ministry with an HQ… Continue reading

Democracy’s main flaw is that the majority of the population, up to 90%, is idiotic and immoral.

European civilization is being destroyed by a “suicidal cult” formed by the genocidal bureaucracy and the stupid populace. You live inside this suicidal cult. And the suicidal cult is the only system that a “general elections” system can create. It is the “natural state” it produces.

Hybrid war in Syria: On Feb 7, 2018, Russian generals betrayed and set up their own troops.

The general context of the Russian presence in Syria is that Putin, a British spy, received an order to evacuate the Russian troops from Syria already in early 2016. But the collegiate ruling body in Russia, the Russian Security Council, opposed this and insists on staying in Syria.

Trump’s Health: billionaires and presidents do not have access to a quality health care.

The US, an “Idiocracy”? Billionaires and presidents do not have access to a quality health care. Doctors are incompetent, physiologically il-literate, be it a “doctor for the rich” in NY, or an “admiral MD” in White House.

90% of the population are suicidal idiots: what German 2017 elections tell us about​ the current state of the European Civilization.

Not only the Parliaments and universities in the countries peopled by Europeans but up to 90% of all the population are suicidal idiots. Survival Rule: there are no “elites”, nor “secret societies” in the countries with European population. No “elite” would ever participate in the suicidal course that the entire European civilization has taken.

A September​ 2017 snapshot of the US: Trump’s psychological profile, treason, ​and sabotage of the bureaucracy, poisoning of Americans.

Survival Rule: Trump IS NOT a puppet, Trump is not controlled by the Occupational Administration, Trump is not a spy for the London’s “World Order”, i.e. the Covert Global Genocidal Government based in London.

Who is the worst psychopath? A quarrel between two propaganda trolls, Joe Rogan and Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is a psychopathic propaganda troll only 50% of the time. While Joe Rogan is a zealot propaganda whore 90% of the time. His podcast is unbearable​.

The New York Times’ psyop​ “North Korean nukes are from Ukraine” is a setup. It targets Ukraine, South Korea and Trump himself.

North Korea is a fake state, created by the British “World Order”, their nukes are fake. Therefore, someone needs to bring a functioning nuclear missile to N. K. and to fire it. The NYT’s psyop suggest that another British patsy, Putin, will bring a nuclear missile to North Korea.

“Charlottesville” was a psychological operation against the US. “Antifa” and “Racists​” are fake. Treason is real.

Behind the psychological operation “Charlottesville” is the British intelligence, the British “Hybrid World Order”.

Trump’s inaction against the debauchery of treason and sabotage turns the US in the worst case of a “Banana republic” on the Planet.

Survival Rule:Trump’s inaction against the debauchery of treason and sabotage of the bureaucracy turns the US in an ultimate Banana republic.

“The Art Of Sabotage And Treason”: Generals are natural traitors. 95% of them have the psychological profile of a traitor.

Trump is surrounded​ with traitor generals who are plotting multiple setups and run a coup against Trump. The current generation of the US generals are majority saboteurs, traitors, and mere idiots, controlled by the British intelligence.

German bureaucracy and populace are again engaged in genocidal activities.

“Nazis” were a bunch of opportunistic “Deltas”, second class humans, a British creation. But the German bureaucracy and the stupid populace submitted themselves to the “Nazis” Deltas’ rule and committed multiple crimes against humanity, against Germans themselves. Today, the psychopathic German bureaucracy in symbiosis with German docile populace is committing a crime against humanity, against its own people, by bringing millions of migrants in preparation for the future “civil war”.

Another confirmation that Israel’s prime-minister Netanyahu is a “Globalist”, i.e. a British spy.

Alex Jones goes crazy defending Israel’s Netanyahu, a British spy. Jones is a top propaganda troll for the British “World Order”. This is another confirmation that Netanyahu is a “Globalist”, i.e. a British spy.

Poll: This idiot from the movie “Idiocracy”, is he a “neocon”, a “globalist”, a “leftist”, a “deep state”? Or is he just an idiot?

The nastiest piece of brainwashing with which the World Propaganda Ministry has been hammering the brains of the US populace are the imaginary entities and imaginary creatures that are supposedly fighting the Trump… Continue reading

Survival Rule: Trump’s skills in hiring people are inadequate. He needs help.

It became clear at this point, that over 90% of people who Trump appointed in his administration are engaged in sabotage or are incompetent. It is also clear that Trump does not have hiring skills. Trump’s administration urgently needs to establish proper hiring procedures, including psychological tests.

The US: The propaganda arm of the Hybrid Occupation, the “mainstream media”, and the bureaucracy are engaged in a crazy saboteur debauchery. Trump still does not get the degree of sabotage around him.

This article by a saboteur propaganda troll employed by the US State Department shows that Trump Administration has no control over Tillerson’s ministry. The sabotage of the US Department is total, absolute, and this lasts for 100 years.

The saboteur “elites” have no access to a good health care. Top US “Globalists” are sick as dogs.

The human harvesting system that “the saboteur elites”, including McCain put in place under the Hybrid Occupation of the US, is hurting millions of people. The majority of the US population are diabetics,… Continue reading

A “Hybrid Occupation”: The populace is never informed that it lives under an occupation. On its own, the populace will never figure it out.

A “Hybrid Occupation” is an occupation where the occupant never invades the victim country but puts in place a collaborator regime by infiltration of the bureaucracy and, as Machiavelli wrote, by “creating a friendly oligarchy”. The populace is never informed that it lives under an occupation. On its own, the populace and the pseudo “elites” will never figure out that they are under an occupation. This “hybrid occupation” is the current situation in the US. Europe is another slave, another case of a sadistic hybrid occupation.

The “deep state” is an imaginary entity. The entire US bureaucracy is engaged in an open sabotage and treason. An update on the US as of July 2017.

The “deep state” is an imaginary entity. The entire US bureaucracy is engaged in an open sabotage and treason. Also, “neocons”, “left”, “right” and even “globalists” are little more than a propaganda memes. These labels are used to describe those who in reality do not have any ideology, do not have any beliefs.​ In fact, the absolute majority of the bureaucracy, in government, in non-profit think tanks, in international organizations, and in corporations, are involved in sabotage. These people are a vermin. They will go with any program sent by their masters. Tomorrow, they would do and say the opposite, of what they said and did yesterday. They will do anything to continue to receive their paycheck, their benefits.

Mossad is just as dumb as the CIA. Mossad collaborates in the destruction of Israel, in its own destruction.

In a recent tweet, Donald Trump Jr. spotted an anti-Israel propaganda at the BBC, a part of the propaganda machine of the “British World Order” (not the “New World Order”, but the old… Continue reading

Logical Suite on MH17 flight: 1) Holland is a lackey state of the British “World Order” (a Survival Rule), 2) The British chose MH17 flight to have a total control over the investigation, 3) The case is never to be solved.

The British “Hybrid Empire”, or the the Current “World Order”, achieved a total control of the bureaucratic apparatus in Holland and in Switzerland. Both countries, Holland and Switzerland, thus became the lackey states… Continue reading

The hybrid occupation of the US: The “British Satanist Midget” (IQ=80) enslaved the “Dumb Giant” of the US (IQ=55).

The slideshow below uses screenshots from the movie “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”, 1985, IMDb tt0089530. It is a good way to explain the “Globalism”, i.e. the hybrid occupation of the US by the… Continue reading

Idiocracy Now: The “Putin Personality Cult” is explained by the absence of Common Sense in 99% of the US population.

Idiocracy is a moment in history where​ most of the population are idiots. In the movie “Idiocracy”, a low IQ was used as a sign of idiocy. However, our current pandemic of idiocy is better described by the lack of Common Sense in the absolute majority of the population, including the “elites”.

“Judeo-Gypsy” Jeff Bezos is a figurehead for the CIA monopoly on the Internet Commerce in the US. This monopoly is a product of the Bureaucratic Sabotage.

“Judeo-Gypsy” Jeff Bezos – a figurehead for the Monopoly on the Internet Commerce. It is a product of the Bureaucratic Sabotage in the US. Also note that the CIA is just another “Dumb… Continue reading

The British hit Poland with a massive hybrid warfare attack, right after the successful visit of Donald Trump.

Both in Ukraine and in Poland, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, notoriously infiltrated​ with saboteurs controlled by the British, engaged in a staged conflict.
The British try to ignite hatred and conflict between the natural allies, Poland and Ukraine.
The same absurd and idiotic tactic is used: a nationalist leader of the 1930-1950, Stepan Bandera, who was a prisoner of a Nazis concentration​ camp from 1941 to 1944, is accused of committing​ ​”war crimes against Jews and Poles”.

A Logical Suite on North Korea: Seoul may be destroyed by the artillery of the British puppet Kim.

A Logical Suite on North Korea: 1) Switzerland is a lackey state of the British (the London Oligarchy, the Hybrid British Empire, the World Order, The force behind the hybrid occupation of the… Continue reading

The opportunistic Alex Jones accepted money from the same Globalists that he fights. Result: investigated​ for espionage by the FBI.

Alex Jones is under criminal investigation for espionage by the FBI. Sadly, a very talented but also very opportunistic Alex Jones DOES indeed take money for injecting disinformation. But not from “Russians” per say, but rather from the “Globalists”. Rectification of names, Survival Rule: “Globalists” means the hybrid infiltration and sabotage network controlled by the British Intelligence and the London’s Oligarchy, aka The Hybrid British Empire. The “mainstream media” arm of the British infiltration network must also be investigated on the charges of espionage.

Survival Rule: CNN is a propaganda outlet controlled by the British intelligence.

Survival Rule: CNN is a propaganda outlet controlled by the British intelligence, a part of the Hybrid British Empire. This Hybrid British Empire is the entity which imposed and runs a “hybrid occupation… Continue reading

Russia Today: “massive voter fraud in the US does not exist”.

Russia Today: “massive voter fraud in the US does not exist”.

The attack against Donald Trump Jr. over “Russia ties” is a continuation of the putsch against Trump run by the British intelligence and their assets in the US.

The attack against Donald Trump Jr. over “Russia ties” is a continuation of the putsch against Trump run by the British intelligence and the network of assets and propaganda outlets that the British… Continue reading

The key piece that is missing in the worldview of Joel Skousen: London is the enemy.

Skousen,24.10.16:”Anglo-American establishment”, “Russians”, “Chinese” are 3 centers of evil.” Analysis:There is only 1: “London Politburo”

Survival Rule: millions of Third World migrants are a deliberate act of hybrid warfare. The goal is a genocide of the European population.

The British Satanist Midget prepares yet another genocide of the European people.

Stefan Molyneux does not progress in his understanding of The Present. So, On The Present, on The Hybrid Occupation of the countries with European population.

Survival Rule: “The massive importation of lumpen proletariat from the third world, the psychopathic and sadistic population replacement program, is a creation of the same entity that organized two genocidal world wars, Hitler’s and Stalin’s regimes, worldwide slave trade, worldwide drug trade, multiple less known war crimes and genocides, hybrid warfare and terrorism from communist revolutions to anarchists and to pseudo-muslim terrorism. The ultimate​ goal is to genocide the population of European descent, to depopulate the planet.”

Survival Rule: Putin is a “Russian Macron”, i.e. the candidate of the Global Propaganda Ministry.

Survival Rule: Putin is an asset of the Hybrid British Empire, placed at the head of Russia by the alcoholic Russian president Yeltsin. Yeltsin appointed Putin because London told him so. And the… Continue reading

Behind “Globalism”, there is a small genocidal cult headquartered in London. They can be easily defeated.

Behind the world-wide genocide system, also known as “Globalism”, there is a relatively small number of the individuals, a sort of “Politburo”, who are members of a Genocidal Cult. This “Globalist system” is VERY vulnerable. The main reason for its existence​ is the Satanic, i.e. utterly immoral, nature of the majority of people. The bureaucratic sabotage is extreme.

“The Hybrid British Empire”, is the force behind the hybrid occupation of the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and of the most of the countries in the World.

The analysis of the LaRouche Movement in the 1990-s was excellent. The LaRouche provided the best description of the “Invisible British Empire”, the force behind the hybrid occupation of the USA, of Russia, of Ukraine, of the most of the EU and the rest of the World. But in recent year, the analysis of LaRouche has deteriorated. LaRouche does not see that BRICS countries are heavily infiltrated and sabotaged by the London’s saboteur networks.

The US is not an “empire”, but a dumb giant controlled by the British satanist midget.

The “Globalists” are in London. In the US, there are only saboteurs.

British intelligence, a part of “the Hybrid British Empire”, controls corrupted layers of the US intelligence community, runs a coup against Trump.

  From the transcript of the LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast – March 10, 2017: “Congressman Nunez, the Republican head of 6:14 the House Intelligence Committee has 6:17 called for a hearing on March 20… Continue reading

Only 10% of Germans in 2016 voted against Merkel, against “rapefugees”. The other 90% are idiots.

Turnout=67%. 67%*14% for AfD=9.38%. Only 10% of Germans in 2016 voted against Merkel, against "rapefugees". 90% are idiots>2 — New Neandertalien EN (@NNeandertalienE) September 18, 2016 2> 90% of Germans are stupid cattle,… Continue reading

Sabotage in Ukraine has somewhat decreased. An update on Ukraine, Russia as of June 2017.

The level of bureaucratic sabotage both in Ukraine and in Russia today is somewhat lower. Putin is partially neutralized. And in Ukraine, authorities are finally acting with some signs of self-interest and self-preservation. This needs to be compared with the level of bureaucratic sabotage in the US and in Europe, where the sabotage is extreme, without any sign of self-preservation and self-interest.

Survival Rule: The United States of America lives under a hybrid occupation.

Dark Journalist: “What’s the real secret behind the Congress not being interested in border security?” The answer and a Survival Rule: The United State has been living under a hybrid occupation for many decades. The majority of the Congress, the Senate, and almost the entire bureaucracy are SABOTEURS.

How the Globalists rule the world.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: “Mr. Global’s government system remains a mystery”.
Analysis: No, not really. The control system put in place by the Globalists-Genocidalists is as follows:

1. Behind the term “Globalists”, there is a Multi-generational Genocidal and Suicidal Cult. It has a “politburo” at its core. It is based in London.

Who are “The Globalists”?

The “Globalists” here are the London “politburo”, the “control center” in London, the foundations and the think tanks under the “control center”, the saboteur and collaborator management of most of the large multinational corporations, and the saboteur US bureaucracy, or “the state”. Again, not “the Deep State”, as in the meme that the disinformation networks inject, but “the state”, the entire bureaucracy.

Dutch elections 2017: no more than 10% of the stupid Dutch populace votes against their own genocide.

No more than 10% of the stupid Dutch populace ever vote against the immigration, against the islamisation, against the population replacement, against their own slow genocide. This proportion is the same for the stupid populace all over the world.

RT.com: “Vaccines don’t cause autism, complications extremely rare”.

Tim Kelly believes in “Putin The Savior”. In one of his recent podcasts with another “Putin Personality Cult” worshiper, Jay Dyer, Tim Kelly said something like this: “Russia Today may have been the… Continue reading

David Steele is a propaganda whore of the saboteur anti-American CIA.

I need to update my deconstruction of David Steele. Steele is too energetic and too sophisticated. Steele is superior to an intellectually primitive Steve Pieczenik. Steele must be “a double-thinker”, i.e. he both… Continue reading

The war of Russia against Ukraine is a case of the “Controlled Conflict” as it is described by Carroll Quigley, George Orwell, Eustace Mullins.

The war of Russia against Ukraine is a case of the “Controlled Conflict” as it is described by Carroll Quigley, George Orwell, Eustace Mullins.
This is an audio version with Quigley’s description. It is quite obvious that the Russia invasion of Ukraine and the continuing simulacra of war with real deaths and suffering, in all points corresponds to Quigley’s description.
Source: Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope,

Will Donald Trump allow the rape of Haiti to continue? And will Donald Trump allow the rape of Europe, of Ukraine, of Russia to continue?

The situation is the same in Haiti and in Europe, Russia, Ukraine: the occupational regimes installed by the Globalists-Genocidalists are raping and murdering their own population, other populations.